Ilium author Dan Simmons shares his views on adapting books into movies

HitBerryPublished on   19 Feb, 2016Updated on   16 May, 2021

When it comes to the adaptation of their work into movies, every writer has both positive and negative aspects already made up in their mind and so does Dan Simmons, the author of the bestselling novel, Ilium.


Now, what do our bestselling novelist and Ilium author Dan Simmons has to share about adapting books into movies? Let us dig in.

Dan Simmons shares his views on adapting books into movies

Adaptation of book into a movie is no easy task. Compressing an entire book in a two hour long movies loses lots of important things in the story. What an author writes all the details, when these are left out it sure does not feel good for them. But on the bright side, it gathers wider audiences.

The characters are brought to life and with correct people to personify them, it becomes a crowd pleaser. Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings are a couple of examples. Every writer has both these consequences measured and they are divided into two categories, in favor of or against adaptation and Dan is highly positive regarding the adaptation.

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It is rumored that Simmons is highly for the idea of adapting novels into movies. By this, the two-dimensional imagination gets the real purview of the three-dimensional form in the theater.

 He is very choosy regarding the cast impersonating his characters. According to him when the novel is adapted, the cast should be able to give a real like life to the characters in his novel.

Simmons believes that directors should frequently adapt novels into their movies. With this, the characters who are built in imagination in novels would get a life and much of the range of audiences can be attracted.

More about Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons is a popular American science fiction and horror writer who really knows to write blood-curdling stories. The audience had always regarded him as the king of thrill. He is the writer of Hugo Award-winning science fiction series, The Hyperion Cantos and Locus-winning IIium/Olympus cycle.

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Dan Simmons is happily married to his beloved wife Karen and has one child. The gossip might have rolled that they might have filed for a divorce but it is not true at all. This celebrity really knows how to keep his pocked sealed in a sense that he has been secretive about his net worth right from the beginning.

He has mastered in writing mysteries and thrillers some of which features the continuing character, Joe Kurtz. His novels extend science fiction to horror and mysteries and fantasies. In a sense, this blend is amazing and really unique. One of the examples of his blended novel is Song of Kali which was the winner at the world fantasy award for best novel.

While many writers are master of one and some are a jack of all, Simmons seems to be master of all. His genre is not limited to one but expands to science fiction to detective to horror and each one incomparable and as good as another.

Simmons sure has lots of fancy awards for his mind-boggling novels on his shelves and he sure does not plan on stopping now.