Ilana Glazer, age 28, hates Columbus Day because he destroyed races of Native American ethnicity

October 17, 2015
First published on:October 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Everyone has an opinion. As of today, we hear why Ilana Glazer does not like Columbus Day. For many Americans, having a holiday is a lovely affair, no matter the occasion. But for Glazer, Columbus Day is apparently not a worthy holiday. Surely she must have some sort of resentment against Columbus. Well, there is no compulsion that everyone has to celebrate the man who found America!!!

The 28 year old, height 5'6", was outspoken about her disapproval of the holiday. She posted about it on Broad City skit video, which she uploaded on her Facebook. Not exactly an interview, but she pretty much explained why she was not a fan for such commemoration.

She went on saying,

“If people spent the day actually reflecting on the Columbus legacy rather than skolling Bud Light, they would realize he was "the original white douche asshole. He raped and pillaged his way through America. I'm not going to give his ghost the satisfaction of giving me a day off.” Sounds harsh huh?

 Following that thought, she then vowed to go to work. She did make a statement there as it’s no fun going to work on a public holiday. So, yeah, a fine way to protest "Chrissy C"!! Well, that’s what Ilana Glazer said!! She is definitely not a fan of Columbus, who had a huge part to play in disrupting the original ethnicity of Americans. She also posted a picture of herself at work on Instagram.

Her Broad City co-star Abbi too supported the stance and gave her opinion stating that a holiday’s agenda was "the national day of not doing s**t". She followed her statement with another one saying she would rather dedicate this day to Chris Columbus, the director of the Home Alone films. Given it’s Columbus day and everyone’s celebrating Columbus and a lot of people share the name Columbus, it sounds right to dedicate the holiday to a Columbus one has high regards for. Who cares which Columbus that is?

Illana, though her actions, only brought to light a large group of people, who are not satisfied with the magnanimity people regard Columbus with. If you’re thinking “Why not celebrate Columbus?” it’s time for you to catch up with History. To make it clearer, Columbus discovered America. And that’s pretty much it.

Artist and activist Keegan tweeted in support to the video by posting first, an excerpt of Columbus’ diary and then writing,

“From Columbus' diary of his first trip to the Americas. Should we celebrate #ColumbusDay or #IndigenousPeoplesDay?”

The excerpt was from Columbus taking a shot and India and ridiculing them.

A graduate of New York Uniersity, Glazer has now started getting media coverage through her show Broad City. Initially meant to air only one season, positive reviews have made it possible for the show to continue strong in its third season as well