Who Is Ignacio Serricchio Dating Right Now? Know About His Affairs And Relationship

Ignacio Serricchio, Argentina born and Mexico raised actor is currently unmarried but there are speculations that he is no more single. So is he taken?

The Young and the Restless actor has been very aloof and careful when it comes to his personal life. So stay with hitberry to find out more about the irresistible stud.

Ignacio is Currently Dating Gabrielle Stone

Ignacio Serricchio is speculations dating a girl. He's not gay, that's for sure. But who is the girl he was hiding? Finally, the 5 feet 11 tall and handsome actor posted a picture on his Instagram hinting his beautiful secret girlfriend.

It's not confirmed yet but at least by looking at the pictures, the Argentinean hunk appears to be taken by the actress Gabrielle Stone. Ignacio Serricchio and his girlfriend Gabrielle Stone appeared very lovey-dovey in the pictures.

Source: Instagram

Apparently, both posted same pictures but opted for a different caption. If you look at the pictures closely, you will mistake them for a married couple. Here's the picture posted by Gabrielle on her Instagram.

Gabrielle Stone's instagram Source: Instagram

Check the caption she wrote in the above picture. No wonder there are rumors that Serricchio, who has 8,556 followers on Instagram is also secretly married to Gabrielle Stone.

But do not get confused as neither of them has confirmed about having tied the knot or even dating each other.

More Hints from Serricchio Instagram

Clearly, they need not say anything about their relationship as they say a picture speaks a thousand words. In this case, comments from close friends are the proof that they indeed are dating.

Gabrielle Stone's Instagram picture with Ignacio Serricchio Source: Instagram

Not only that, Ignacio had also posted a picture in July of an anonymous girl with a caption that more or less meant, she was important. Interestingly, Gabrielle had posted a love emoticon on the same post.

Ignacio posts picture of a girl in his Instagram Source: Instagram

So the couple was probably already dating at the time that's July. These are only close assumptions since both, Ignacio and Gabrielle have not publicly been open about their relationship.

Moreover, there is no news regarding his past affairs, let alone his present. Sooner or later, the wedding Ringer actor will have to disclose about his personal relationship and affair.

Serricchio, a fan of Clint Eastwood, first realized his fondness for acting when he was studying at a college in America. Ignacio has appeared in several movies and soap, including ABC daytime General Hospital.

The 35-year-old actor although has not earned much from his acting career it's enough to sustain his life. But the struggling actor owns a production company. So the on-screen Diego Alcazar might actually make a big fortune someday.

Ignacio Serrichhio will be portraying as Don West in the series, Lost in Space next year in 2018. Best of Luck!