Ice hockey winger Chris Conner is Living Happily with wife Lindsay Conner; Know his Married Life and Children

The American professional Ice hockey winger of the AHL, Christopher Ryan Conner or, only Chris Conner is happily married to wife Lindsay Conner and is living a blissful life with his children. 


Usually, we get to hear that the players of professional leagues get married to someone famous or to be exact, the Hollywood stars. But, in the case of Chris, it is different. Chris proved that it is not the same for all as has been married to his love Lindsay Conner. Let's talk about the popular Ice Hockey player Chris Conner's married life and children right below:

Chris Conner Living a Blissful Married Life with wife Lindsay Conner

The athlete Chris Conner married his love, Lindsay Conner. The couple got married on August 4, 2007. As per the post of Lindsay in her Instagram, we can clarify that it's 2007 that they got married. 

CAPTION: Lindsay Conner wishing her husband Chris Conner their 10th Anniversary SOURCE: Instagram

The picture above also shows you the love they have currently. As she has captioned her 10th Anniversary to husband Chris Conner. According to the post, we also found out that the couple fell in love when they were 18 years old and since then, they are together. 

The same post also shows us how much the couple is in love as she remembers her 30 migrations and her journey with him to adulthood. As Lindsay ends with the incredibility of her husband, she also reveals about her pregnancy with her third child. 

Chris Conner and Lindsay Conner; Blessed with 3 Children

As we have already stated above that the wife of Chris Conner, Lindsay Conner is pregnant with her third child; this makes them a family of five. Lindsay was due on September 11, 2017, with her their third child. But, she gave birth to their third one, Easton Ryan on September 27, 2017.

CAPTION: Chris Conner's wife Lindsay Conner with their third child SOURCE: Instagram

The couple is also the parents of a daughter and a son. The eldest one of them is Caden Conner, the middle one is Brynnlee Conner, and the just-born child is their youngest, Easton Ryan

CAPTION: Chirs Conner and Lindsay Conner's family of five SOURCE: Instagram

All in all, with all these pictures to look at and the way Lindsay describes her relationship with her husband, Chris, it just shows how much they love each other. We can say Chirs Conner is living a life of heaven with his wife, Lindsay Conner and their three children.