Ice Cube's wife Kimberly Woodruff: How much is Ice Cube net worth? Know about his career

July 3, 2018
First published on:March 8, 2017
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Do you guys know who is Kimberly Woodruff? Well, if you have no idea who is she then, she is a wife of a famous American rapper and music artist Ice Cube. Actually, Ice Cube is a professional name of O'Shea Jackson Sr.


Kimberly and Ice Cube are married for over 2 decades and have 4 children together. Ice Cube has an attractive career as a music artist and actor from which he garnered a good fame and earned a good amount of money as well.

His several songs and movies are successfully hit through which he is able to obtain a good sum of money. His net worth counts in millions of dollars with which he is living a luxurious life with his family.   

Kimberly's married relation with Ice Cube

The beautiful and loving Kimberly Woodruff met her husband Ice Cube in July 1985 and they dated each other for over 5 years. Later, they decided to be in a legal relationship and they got engaged in 1991. After few months of their engagement, they tied a knot on 26th April 1992 after remaining engaged for about 9 months.

Famous actor Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly Woodruff

Famous actor Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly Woodruff

Source: Daily Entertainment News

The couple is now married for about 26 years and they have still a lot of love and affection towards each other. Their passion and trustworthiness kept them bonded in their married relation for so long. Their happy married relation is blessed with four children; O'Shea, Darryl, Kareema, and Sharif.

Ice Cube with his wife and kids

Ice Cube with his wife and kids

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By April 2018, the couple would be married for 26 years and O'Shea really feels exceptional for his woman. He told it was a true partnership and he respected his wife and she respected her. He added,

I still get the butterflies when I see her.  Romance and sex don't have to fade.  I still want her to look at me and say ‘this is the man I still want to be with.’ So have to keep yourself up, your P’s and Q’s and go for what you know.

Their relation is really going well and none of them are cheating each other and they both have not involved in any kind of extra relation after being together. Ice Cube once told sex is not so important for him to maintain a healthy relationship with a life partner.

Ice Cube gives all the credit of his success to his better half Kimberly. He told in an interview with Sunday Today that Kimberly is his backbone and he wouldn't have been there without her. So they both trust each other and also are loyal in their relationship which made possible to be in a relationship for so long time.

Ice Cube's Net Worth

A talented American music artist and actor Ice Cube managed to earn a handsome amount of money through his work. His salary and earnings make a good net worth of him which is estimated at around $140 million.

Ice Cube's $7.25 million worth mansion

Ice Cube's $7.25 million worth mansion

Source: LA Times

Ice Cube and Kimberly just bought a new $7.25 million worth home in Marina del Rey, California in May 2016. The residence was made in 2011 on the bank of the Grand Canal which features a well-designed dining room, a living room with a fireplace, six en-suite bedrooms and an impressive 11 bathrooms.

Know about Ice Cube's Career in Short

Ice Cube began his career in music in 1987. He then associated with the N.W.A. and he released My Posse under with his group C.I.A. Ice Cube remained associated with N.W.A. until 1989 and then he left the group and started his solo career.

In 1989, Ice Cube recorded his debut solo album, Amerikka's Most Wanted, in New York with the Bomb Squad and the album was released in 1990. Later in 1991, he came up with his second album Death Certificate. The album was regarded as more focused, more controversial, anti-white, and antisemitic.

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Apart from his involvement in music, he also worked in a number of films. He played various types of characters in his films which established as a versatile actor in the industry. He debuted in the Hollywood with the film Boyz n the Hood in 1991. He played a role of Darin "Doughboy" Baker in his debut movie.

Coming to the year 2017, he is making his appearance on the big screen with the movies xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and Fist Fight.

As in the music, Ice Cube has a healthy career in acting both in films and TV shows. He made his debut on the TV with The Sinbad Show in 1994 and his latest TV show is The Rebels which came in the year 2014.

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