How will Michael David Barrett, the stalker of Erin Andrews will pay $28 Million? What will Erin do?

June 14, 2016
First published on:June 14, 2016
by HitBerry


Violation of anyone’s privacy is under no circumstances acceptable, and this is what happened to FOX Sportscaster Erin Andrews.

After Michael David Barrett was charged guilty for capturing and sharing Erin’s nude videos on the internet, he was jailed for 20 months. Andrews was awarded $55 million as a compensation. The jury held the Marriot Hotel representatives, Tennessee, where the treacherous act happened as 49% responsible and the man who committed this horrendous act, Michael David Barrett as 51% responsible which means Barrett’s ought to pay $28 million for the trouble he’s caused. But the real question here is how will Barrett manage to pay such a huge amount when he himself is drowned in bankruptcy and lives in his father’s basement?

Apparently Michael Barrett was in major debts, he planned to film Erin’s nude video in order to make himself more money. When the plan backfired, he posted it for free on the internet. As a result of his heinous crime, he was locked up in federal jail for 20 months. After coming out of the jail, he filed fo bankruptcy in 2012. Barrett now lives in Portland, Oregon with his father as he cannot afford a place for himself. Barrett’s father, Francis, spoke of his debt with New York Post,

“He can’t afford $100, let alone $28 million. If he could, he wouldn’t be living in my basement.”

Francis says his son screwed up his life and added,

“It's an awful thing, and he knows it.”

Barrett is so deep in bankruptcy with debts of almost $160,000 so how he comes up with a way to pay for the lawsuit is a question that no one can answer. Not even Barrett since he’s sunk deep down in debts as well as morality.

As far as the accounts of the events go, it happened in September 2008, when Barrett was on a business trip to Nashville, he made the plans of making himself some money by filming Erin naked and planning to sell the footage when he found that Andrews was staying at a hotel nearby. Next thing we know, he found out Erin’s room number through the house phone and checked into the room next to her. Grabbing the perfect circumstances, Barret managed to replace the peephole in Erin’s room with a hacksaw through which he filmed Erin’s nude footage.

During Erin’s extensive lawsuit against the malicious peeper, she faced an extremely hard time explaining her situation. She broke down into an emotional frenzy. According to Andrews who was working with ESPN at the time forced her into an Oprah interview to talk about her ordeal and refused to take her back. Erin also expressed how it ripped her apart when some told the video was a publicity stunt!

As of 2016, Erin has found a new direction in her career and personal life. She has her family and her boyfriend Jarret Stroll, who is a Canadian professional ice hockey player, by her side for moral support. She now works with FOX network and hosts FOX College Football for Fox Sports, and Dancing with the Stars for ABC network. She has a net worth of an estimated $3 million.


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