How to Use HoloLens?

July 3, 2018
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

HoloLens, an improvised version of the hologram is the hottest project by Microsoft. Inspired from the movie IRONMAN, HoloLens is actually a very good alternative to that design.
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Powered with Win 10, this lens is capable of controlling all application with the help of Gestures, Glance, and Voice. HoloLens uses Cortana as its primary search app.

How does HoloLens Work?

HoloLens works with the help of depth camera, to know the total working space around you. Then, with the help of application, you can create your own mixed world virtual and natural mixed up.
The device works with voice commands. We experienced its voice command in the previous handset. Which app it uses is still not cleared, but voice commands given are not responsive enough. Gestures are also alternative to the voice commands in this headset. Gestures like pinch zoom, swipe to a different direction and another way.
HoloLens provides the arena of mixed surrounding that is the hologram and real area at same time. Also, the device could wrap people around you into a holographic framework.

How to Use HoloLens?

HoloLens could be used with gestures, gaze, voice, glance, and body postures.

Gestures –HoloLens could be used with gestures. It is able to show the real world like objects according to the gesture you use/define.

Voice – HoloLens comprises of audio speakers through which voice command could be given.“If you want to move the obstacle you created in the virtual world, you can just say-Move that object, it will surely follow.

Glance –Glance could be used for picture or scenery. When you give a little glance, the image in front of      you fades away and if you try to see it through, it becomes steady with contrast.

Body Postures – Body Postures defines the way you see through the headset. You will see the imagery as per         the posture you are in.

Hand Movements – Hand Movements basically allows you to restructure the design, move and remove objects.It is popular for playing games.

Application Area of HoloLens
HoloLens is one future tech that could be utilized to make a presentation, play games, research and design your own world. Furthermore, HoloLens can be used for designing 3D printed materials.

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