Stuck with a shower valve repair related problem?

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Plumbing is not rocket science, it's pretty easy and if you know the right tool and right trick, you can save a lot of your money that goes down to gutters with expensive plumbing service you hire to fix the simple issues like repairing a shower valve.


To repair Shower Valve is a task that you can complete by yourself with simple steps, easy to find tools and materials. Often all that will need to be replaced in the shower valve cartridge are the O-rings and washers.

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If you go to any nearby hardware store to buy a shower valve kit, you will be surprised to see the price difference between a package that you buy from Plumber service compared to you taking control over the small plumbing related issue.

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Follow these tips to remove, repair and reinstall your shower cartridge valve:

  1. 1.First Turn off the water to the shower.
  2. Then Remove handle and escutcheon plate to expose shower valve
  3. Loosen up the Not with pliers and pull old cartridge from the center of the valve.
  4. Then Put up new rubber seat with spring onto the end of a pencil and push into the valve. Repeat the same for remaining seat.
  5. Apply the new cartridge into the existing valve.
  6. Then Slip on the O-ring over the cartridge, to make it water tighten then lock-nut with pliers properly.
  7. To hold the new escutcheon plate over the valve and secure it with the screws which are provided.
  8. Attach the new handle to the valve.
  9. Open up the water and adjust the temperature level to 120 degrees F.
  10. Then Install the temperature limit stop the valve to prevent scalding

We hope this gives you a clear perspective that repairing a shower valve is not as hard as you think.

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