How to Make Chocolate using Cocoa, Easy procedures to Make Chocolate

January 31, 2017
First Published On: January 31, 2017


First you need to have the ingredients listed below to make chocolate.

  1. 2 cups cocoa powder
  2. ¾ cup butter
  3. ½ cup sugar or honey
  4. 1 cup water
  5. ¼ tsp salt

Here are  simples steps you need to follow to make chocolate

1. Blend cocoa and butter properly. Take cocoa powder and butter in a bowl. Stir thoroughly until it becomes a thick paste. When you are done transfer it to a new bowl.

source: wiki how to make chocolate

2.Fill the bowl by adding ¼ of water. Heat it and stir frequently. Make the paste hot then put it in the processor until it is smooth. You can use saucepan for your comfort.

3. Add milk and sugar. Stir the paste until it is creamy. You may taste the paste to be sure if there is enough sugar.

caption: paste will look like this if mixed properly


4. Pour the the mixture in the tray. Put it in the refrigerator.

5. Take it out and dust with powdered sugar and enjoy your chocolate.

Now whenever you are bored at home and wanna have chocolate just follow the above simple steps and enjoy.

You can watch this video if you are not getting how to make chocolate. It would be very helpful for you.