How to Install a Garage Storage System?

HitBerryPublished on   27 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Using garage storage systems to organize your garage to give tidy looks can add a great deal of functionality to that space in your home. Garage system is the best way to décor your home and keeping it neat and stylish in better ways.

contemporary-garage-and-shed contemporary-garage-and-shed

There're several different systems for organizing the garage storage system. One is a simple system, you can put all the parts together by yourself. You don't need the professional worker, it's kind of easy to work on garage storage system. Here are some of the points which may help you work with how to install a garage storage system.

  1. Assemble all the storage cabinets using the quick-connect hardware provided.
  2. Use a drill machine or screwdriver to screw the adjustable legs onto the bottom of the main cabinet.
  3. Then Screw the hanging rail to the inside of the cabinet, then pick the cabinet up then face it to the garage wall.
  4. Check the cabinet for level and adjust legs, if the necessary screw in a wall then goes to next step. the main cabinet to a wall by driving it.
  5. Then fastly screws the 3-inch nail through the hanging rail and into wall studs and main cabinet to the wall by driving it.
  6. Install upper cabinet at the side of the main cabinet. Then Screw the smaller wall cabinet to the wall studs.
  7. Then Set the base cabinet above the place directly below of the upper wall cabinet. Screw it to the wall studs.
  8. Slide the drawers into the base cabinet set it properly.
  9. With all the cabinets fastened to wall studs, screw the cabinets to one another for the extra strength.
  10. Use the hinges to the provided holes, mount the doors to the inside of the cabinets. Then, close the doors and check the fit. Adjust the hinges if necessary to produce an even gap around each door.
  11. Then Set the butcherblock work surface on top of the lower base cabinet. Secure it properly with screws from below.
  12. Then finally Screw the slot-track panel to the wall which fits properly above the base cabinet. Then Insert metal hooks and racks into the slots for hanging tools and accessories.

Here are the some of the solution which may help you to work with How to Install a Garage Storage System. If you guys have question or questions, you guys can comment in the comment section below.