Entertain Your Kids While Driving With Easy and Proven Ideas

Traveling with kids can be hectic. Some kids are hyperactive and may disturb you frequently while driving, and this can be dangerous. Other kids may get tired quickly while others may be uncomfortable and start crying or shouting for various reasons. Thus, you need to keep your kids busy and comfortable while on a road trip to ensure they remain peaceful throughout the journey. You can achieve this by keeping them entertained throughout the trip. But how can you achieve this? Simply read on for tips on how to entertain your kids while driving.

Carry Some Snacks and Drinks

CAPTION: While you are on the road far from an eatery or restaurant, snacks and drinks can help your children quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger SOURCE:

Kids can complain of hunger or thirst at any time. When hungry, they can be unsettled, and this would be worse while traveling. Thus, to keep them satisfied at all times, carry some snacks with you. Some little bites will be helpful before you get to your destination or a restaurant. Also, carry their favorite drinks and water to quench their thirst. This way, they’ll remain entertained without constant complaints.

Music System and TV Screen

CAPTION: Entertainment system in the car helps your kids relax. SOURCE:

Music is an excellent way of keeping kids entertained. If you’ve got kids, you need to have an excellent Car Stereo System installed. You’ll play their favorite songs, and they’ll remain entertained while traveling. Also, your car should at least have a TV screen where kids can catch their favorite shows such as cartoons, animations, and kids’ movies, especially when the trip is going to be a long one. Ensure the screen is set in a way that they can all see while seated at the backseat. You can have a screen fixed behind headrest of either of the front seats. You can also use a roof-mount screen and adjust it in a way they’ll all watch without struggling. In case you need total silence while keeping them entertained, ensure each one of them has headsets.

Provide them with Handheld Gaming Consoles

CAPTION: You can entertain your kids with some handheld gaming consoles SOURCE:

Kids enjoy playing games. They find them fun and enjoyable. Thus, you can easily keep them entertained as you drive by allowing them to carry some gaming consoles with them. Portable gaming consoles will be ideal when traveling. In case you don’t have portable gaming consoles such as PSPs, you can add some video games to your smartphone or tablet and let them play. Video games are very interactive and will keep them busy as you concentrate on driving. Just any handheld device will do, whether electronic or not.

Preparing Some Travel Games

CAPTION: License plate games can be fun for the children and the whole family to play in the car SOURCE:

Besides electronic games, many travel games can keep your kids jovial on a trip. For example, you can let them play a “license plate game.” You can get them from local stores in a printable format or make one by writing down number plates from different states. As they spot the number plates, they’ll cross them on the list. Another great travel game is “spotting the car.” In this game, you prepare a list of different car models. Your kids will tick on each car model they find along the way. Such scavenger hunt games will keep them entertained while traveling.

Quick Stops along the Way

CAPTION: Children feel comfortable if we make quick stops especially during long road trips. SOURCE:

Kids get tired quickly. Also, they may be unable to hold nature calls for long, especially when they take snacks and drinks along the way. Thus, keep them enjoying the trip by making quick stops once in a while, especially on a long journey. As you make stops, they’ll get a minute to stretch and have nature calls. This way, they’ll want to continue with the journey since they’ll be feeling comfortable.

Making their Seats Comfortable

CAPTION: Sitting arrangement for children must be comfortable in order to make them feel cozy. SOURCE:

The way your kids will seat will determine their comfort during the trip. The seats should be comfortable enough for them. Kids may be uncomfortable when seating on regular car sits, and the safety belt might not fit them. The best way to make them more comfortable is by adding booster seats and infant car seats. These types of seats are attached on the main seat with a harness and have a special safety belt for holding the kid in place. Larger booster seats are held in place by the car’s safety belt as it will go around the kid and the seat. If your kid has outgrown the use of booster sits, ensure they have some pillows for more comfort. This way, they’ll remain comfortable, calm, and protected throughout the journey.

Recording the Trip

CAPTION: We can record the trip in order to show the kids how memorable the trip can be. SOURCE:

You can let the kids record the trip for memories. Let them carry some cameras and video recorders to take pictures and record videos along the way. They’ll truly love making the recordings, and they can share the recordings amongst themselves and even compete who is making better recordings. However, ensure they remain buckled up while making the recordings unless when alighting for stops. While making stops, you can take pictures and recordings together and keep them entertained.

As you keep your children entertained throughout the journey, ensure they are aware of good road trip behavior. You can entice them with some coins and let them know that whenever they misbehave, you’ll take away a coin from them. This way, they’ll try their best to behave properly to keep the coins. In case they fall asleep along the way, ensure they have some support pillows to avoid neck strains. By learning these tips on how to entertain your kids while driving, you’ll have a peaceful, fun, and memorable journey.