How to enhance speed of your Internet: Ways to boost up your Internet connection

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Whether you are at the office or at home, having an efficient and fast Internet connection plays an essential part to deal with online work promptly. Week connections and slow speeds can be irritating and even take the high cost.

To keep your Internet speed up, you need to work on router or modem, web browser, Internet Service package, the general condition of your PC and also the quality of network provided by your ISP.

Why do we need to enhance the speed of the Internet?

Low Internet connection causes waste of time, money, and effort. Due to slow connection streamed videos turns into bad as well as it may cause your computer being slow by taking huge space of memories.

A high Internet speed has several benefits such as Faster Page-load time, Uninterrupted Streaming, and multiple users are supported easily which will supports to save time, money, and effort etc.

Internet Connection from Providers to Users

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Try a different browser

As we get Internet Explorer after we run windows in our PCs, some users continue with the same browser which loads a number of processes on it, meaning it is better to use a browser that can minimize to use ads and other non-requires.

Opera runs with compression technology called Opera turbo specifically designed for slow connections. It has already impressed most of its user.

Firefox has functionalities that allow blocking components such as advertisements, Flash, JavaScript, and other elements until you make them enable.

Google Chrome, at first you install, it takes very less memory and easily handles the sites with Flash and JavaScript

Check for unused tabs

Some pages refresh themselves continuously after the certain time, so you can close these if you are not using them. By doing so you can get some bandwidth

Remove plugins, extensions, and unwanted add-ons

Unwanted plugins and ads may create problem to load pages instantly, so try to disable these unwanted add-ons, plug-ins to get a better browsing speed.

Firefox, Go to Tools, First Add-ons, disable both unwanted plugins add-ons. Restart Firefox and look for an effect of the changes you have made.

Google Chrome, Go to Customize Tools Extensions and disable unrequired plugins. Restart Chrome and look for changes.

Change on modem or router

If you are taking connecting device close to other people, it has possibility being crack down by taking to broadcast on the same channel. To test this you can download and run a program SSIDer. And sometimes you may need to keep router nearer to your Internet connecting devices.

Use an Ethernet Cable

A wireless network may have a lot of interference during the connection, which possibly reduces the speed of the connection and overall functions. Your first choice should be an Ethernet cable which helps to save wireless for required area as well as establish prompt connections

Upgrade your devices

Sometimes an old router may not be physically capable to maintain the speed of your Internet package; if it is the case with you as well, you need to upgrade your devices with latest technologies.

Optimize your Internet Package

It is important to find out if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing you the exact speed that you are asking for and sometimes there is a possibility of loss of packets or connections from their side.

Further, you may need to upgrade your Internet package if you are using same from a long time, i.e. because your work on the Internet may require more bandwidth than the current one.

Stop running unwanted programs

Your computer or System may run software (programs) which is not in use, if so, shut down all the unwanted programs. This will help to free your memory, which will build up the speed of your system and enhance the Internet connection.


Keep your Anti-virus software updated, also be sure if you are using genuine software.

Look for a latest version new update before you download and install new applications.

If you’re out of computer knowledge call an expert.

Think before you download any Speed Busters for your connection, most of these do not work and make your connection even slower.

Do not run more than one software with exact functionalities (do not use two anti-virus software, which will take extra memory and continuously interfere with each other.

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