How To Buy Best Smart Phone?

January 31, 2018
First Published On: April 19, 2017
by HitBerry

If you are thinking of having an excellent smartphone then, it might be complicated as it is very difficult to decide whether you are having a good one or bad one because you have to go through a different process to test and judge its quality. A popular brand can be a good product but not best in the comparison of the smartphone that meets your needs.

This article will guide you for getting preeminent Smartphone (IOS or Android) and answer your all quarry regarding different stuff going in your mind about the finest smartphone.

Tired of replacing your smart Smartphone (IOS or Android) phone with a new one for using its latest features and quality?

Before getting Smartphone, you must need to think about its screen size, operating system and camera as these are the most powerful components, this will make your Smartphone be the finest phone ever and it will help you get rid of buying new smart phones time and again just for using its latest features and stuff. Buying a smartphone means a lot as it is complicated work if you don’t have sound knowledge on it. So before getting a superior quality of smartphone focus on its features and other things that are mentioned below apart from screen size, camera, and operating system.

  What is the right size of the screen for you: You must need to confirm about the size of the screen of your smartphone. It all depends on your activity that you are supposed to perform on your phone so if you want to perform commercial and professional work like using of MS-Word, MS-Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop than for this handset of 4.0 to 5.0 inches would be better as it supports your work and you can take full advantage of flexibility or if you are thinking of getting your handset in bigger size than phablets types of handset can meet your requirement as it has got few disadvantages.

Determine right camera for your smartphone: Selecting right camera for your smartphone can be the next important step for better you. It is too hard to decide whether the smartphone has a good quality of the camera or not (depends on its megapixel)? But you don’t need to worry because if you are facing problem then you can take a look at the sample picture, video along with its audio taken by phone’s camera or if you want to explore more then you can simply come across online reviews of the camera.

Focus on RAM, storage capacity, software, and features: RAM determines your device speed so before getting it always look at its RAM as it should be of 2GB or 3GB(available on Galaxy S6 and LG G4) and processor as it is the life of the smartphone. You also need to examine the phone whether it supports new and latest software, apps and features. Nowadays people are living their life on apps like for chit-chat, information gathering, financial activities. So be sure whether your smartphone has the capacity to run the latest apps and whether it is software friendly with the latest RAM or not.

See battery lifespan (How long does it stand?): If you buy a furious bike for hasty speed and if it goes out of fuel think what will happen? Similarly, think about the smartphone with a poor battery which in future will surely infect entire set so before getting smartphone be sure that it has the capacity of 2000mAh and 16-20 hours talk time because this kind of battery can run for a day.


Always move with the latest features and see whether they are useful for you, never focus on its cost or look for a cheap smartphone.There are lots of brand of Smartphone in the market of different companies so I recommend you to buy any smartphones after doing some research or investigation by reading people reviews about products so that you can own the best Smartphone that will make you smart forever.