How to Barbecue At Home

HitBerryPublished on   13 May, 2016Updated on   24 May, 2021

We can barbecue vegetables,fruits, fish,bread,poultry, all types of meat and many other things.In this article, we are going to know some basic ideas that we should keep in mind before barbecuing meat and poultry.

In this busy world, having a barbecue party in the home brings the family members and friends together. We can have lots of fun and get refreshed by having a barbecue party in our home.

To properly barbecue we need many tools,barbecue recipe, ideas etc.Many barbecue tools are also on sale which we can get online.some basic menu and ideas required to barbecue at home:

To barbecue meat and poultry in the home, we need- A Coal or gas grill or a smoker,meat pieces, refrigerator, some spices, oil,seasonings,sauce and pepper. (Lemon can be added for extra flavor)

1) Cook in a clean grill:
We should always use a clean grill before cooking and barbecuing as hygiene is very important than anything. We can use a gas grill or a coal grill as per our own choice.

Using a smoker to cook is a good choice but cooking in a smoker will take lots of time even for a small piece of meat to cook properly.But if we grill using coal than the meat will taste very delicious and it will cook fast with a nice aroma.
2) Meat pieces should be cut proportionately:

We can have small pieces of meat or even thick pieces of meat as per our taste and preference but we should cut it properly.Meat pieces which are cut evenly will be cooked properly and it will taste great.

3) Use barbecue spices and refrigerate the meat:
After cutting the meat we can add some barbecue spices in it and refrigerate it for overnight. After this process,the meat will absorb all the spices and it will taste extremely juicy after it is cooked.

We can even add some other seasonings after we take the pieces of meat out from the refrigerator. And then we can cook or barbecue the meat  and enjoy its juicy and spicy taste.

4) Oil can be used to avoid stickiness:
We can put some oil on the grill with the help of a brush so that the meat do not stick to the grill and create any hazard.  Excess oil should not be added because it might ruin the taste of the meat.

We can better use a brush to add oil to the grill to prevent from the stickiness of meat.

5) Barbecue slowly at correct temperature:
We should never hurry while barbecuing meat. For a smoky, crispy and juicy taste we have to cook it very slowly with patience.The right temperature should be given while cooking it.

Normally, we should cook it at low temperature and very slowly. We should heat the smoker between 225 to 250 degrees and place the meat pieces in the smoker.And with the heat of this much temperature, we can cook the meat for 4 to 6 hours.

6) Use your favorite barbecue sauce for more taste:
After the meat is cooked properly we can take it out of the grill or the smoker and put some tasty barbecue sauce in it. This will make the meat taste very delicious and juicy. We can even garnish it with some pepper and then serve it.

7) Enjoy your barbecue at home:
Now after serving this delicious and smoky meat we can enjoy it with some cold drinks or other hard drinks as per we wish.

It will taste great if we squeeze some lemons in it and add more hot spices in it as per our taste.We can relax in our home and enjoy this homemade grilled meat with our families and friends.