How Technology is Ruining Our Life? Find the CONS of the fast growing Tech World.

April 19, 2017
First published on:February 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Over past few years, technology has changed in a huge sum. It is now safer, faster and easier to use tech instead of regular utilities. Few years before, we need to fly in planes or surf in boats but now the concept of flying cars and amphibious vehicles have replaced those techniques. But, as we use more of these tech gadgets, we are slowing in out real life. Say, we are being Zombies; tech is making us slower in every field.

For instance, what would you do when you go to parties? We know you will take selfies rather than greeting friends. Also, when you visit some rock bars and concerts; you hand would be full of cameras, or video recorder instead of swaying to the music.

Tech Trend 2016

If we are being slower using fast changing technology; then there is no meaning of being tech adaptable person. Here we have compiled some genuine facts how we are ruining our life using technology:

Dog Chain

Dog Chain

What? Dog Chain? How? You might ask. Well, we usually take our pet dog out in a park for its free time. If we don't get time for strangling with it, sometimes tying it to pole works. So how it relates to tech?

For getting connected with real-time buzz, we need internet connection along with power source. Using phone while charging looks so similar. The charger works as dog chain, the plug works as pole and us, users look like a dog. Well guys, don't be dog anymore. Laying your eyes in cellphone for long time might damage your eyes. Also tapping device for long might heat up you phone and hand.

Login Before Work

Login before Work

Login does not mean logging in Facebook account. Rather it means login to the internet. How many of us are here who do not use phones while eating, working or even walking. We do all these activities before starting any obvious works. Because of this, most of the corporate houses and companies banned social sites from the internal web network.

If we are visiting someone's house, for instance, we do not just meet them, or greet them; but also ask them for Wi-Fi password so that logging in would be possible. For us, we do check emails or view stats; but must of people log into social medias, Clash of Clans or Pokemon Go.

Location Reminder

Generation of not ringing Doorbell

The older way of ringing door bells is over. Now, people have started texting or calling friends or family to leave a message or to call them. Why do you think Door Bells are extinct huh?

"Hey! I am outside! Let's Crash in the party!" Will you text this to your friend or go the long way to a staircase and ring the bell?

Child Play

Child Playing with Tech

Before 10 years, kids used to play outdoor games, Football or Cricket maybe. Playing with marbles seems to be like yesterday for us. But the children of this generation do not know what is marble. They are too busy in playing Play Station or PC games. Not quite before, children used to entertain themselves by watching Tom and Jerry show. Now, youngsters love playing Talking Tom.

Some time before, what we need to play was Ball or bat, or playing materials. Now, for the change, youngsters watch other kids playing online in their own gadgets. So, are you children's fast in adapting technology or are slower in knowing real life gaming huh? Even if they went outside, they will be playing on mobiles or multi-player games.

Restroom Surf

Restroom Surf

"OMG! I just forgot to bring my cell phone." We are sure, this thing already happened with you. Even when the person claims not to be tech freak, he/she surely have a habit of surfing through phones while in the restroom.

To some extent, we go back where the phone is; and return back to the restroom. Actually, this habit is good, to be updated regularly and never to miss anything. For this purpose, most of restrooms now also include plug so that users could charge their phone while resting.

Tech Love

Tech Love

Going out with a girlfriend? Or boyfriend? It's an obvious thing being jealous if your pair is talking or laughing with opposite person. But, would you not be jealous of the phone which he or she is using more than spending special moments with you? Have you ever thought of that?

Tech Marriage

Tech Marriage

We have heard of people getting into love affair through Facebook or other social media. But how can anyone get married using tech? Even we got confused! Emily Chavda, citizen of the US actually married Hitesh, citizen of India. They fell in love through facebook chat; she left her luxurious living just to get married with him.

One photo, mentioned above, shows that two people are getting married in a church. The priest pronounces them as husband and wife. And then, "You can update status on Facebook" thing made us laugh out loud.

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