How Strong is Karley Sciortino Financially? Details of Her Net Worth and Properties

March 12, 2018
First Published On: March 12, 2018

The American writer cum TV host, Karley Sciortino is a successful woman with the strong financial background. Today, we are going to talk about the net worth status of the famed sex-writer, Karley.


Well, everybody wants to gossip about the relationship status and the earnings of the TV stars and other famed people. Likewise, the gossip mongers have now started to talk about the sex education speaker, Karley. Let’s jump right in, to know all about the talented star’s total earnings and lifestyle details.

Karley Sciortino’s Financial Strength

Being one of the most famous bloggers, Karley must have earned millions of dollars through her professional life. She has always been open and has no secrecy when it comes to enjoying her life.

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She is living her life luxuriously and to the fullest. But till the date, none of the sites has found about her exact salary and total net worth. She also has not disclosed anything about her properties and other financial sources. So, her exact net worth is not known to us but we believe she is the owner of million dollars.

A book by Karley Sciortino, writing Career

Besides being a blogger and a TV host, Karley is also a book writer. She has written a book called SLUTEVER: Dispatches from a Sexually Autonomous Woman in a Post-Shame World. The book is put up under Psychology and Counseling and is set at a price of $13.89 in the paperback format. The book is also in the Audio CD and costs $27.73.

CAPTION: Karley Sciortino’s first published book SOURCE: Instagram

The book is all about the word ‘Slut’. This book shows that the offensive word is a confession and a memoir of the woman who had no shame in wearing the pink PVC mini dress. This book comes as a sex education to many people and gives suggestions on love, hookups, breakups, sex work, and such other related things.

Karley Sciortino’s Luxurious Lifestyle

One must have to maintain the living standards in the society and if one is a celebrity then she has to maintain a high one. Likewise, Karley stays as a celeb in the TV industry. So, she has to maintain a high standard of living.

CAPTION: Karley Sciortino enjoying a vacation in Europe  SOURCE: Instagram

The TV host seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest as she is seen roaming the streets of different foreign countries. She is also seen enjoying her life with friends as she seems to have frequent get together.

CAPTION: Karley Sciortino get-together with friends SOURCE: Instagram

Karley is also the proud owner of the MacBook. The Apple product costs between $1000-$2000 based on the processors and types of the laptops.

CAPTION: Karley Sciortino SOURCE: Instagram

Besides her gadgets, she also wants to keep herself in the current style. So she wears expensive up-to-date clothing to maintain her personality. The fur coat she is wearing costs more than a $1000.

CAPTION: Karley Sciortino SOURCE: Instagram

However, looking at all this, we can assume that she has earned millions of dollars through her writing and other related work and she also seems to be living a lavish life.