How songs and tours affecting the married life of Aimee Mann: Relationship with her husband Michael Penn and children

HitBerryPublished on   01 Mar, 2016Updated on   22 Feb, 2018

Singer Aimee Mann recently opened up about how songs and tours are affecting her married life with husband Michael Penn and children. In the recent table talk with sources of USMagazine, she shared how touring affects her family life.

On one hand, she gets to work and on the other, she doesn’t get to spend quality time with her family.

songs and tours affecting the married life of Aimee Mann

However, Aimee Mann has found a way to deal with it. The singer revealed that her family has some kind of scheduled tour once a year. Sounds so refreshing and novel. Isn’t it? Travelling sure boosts up your brain. Aimee apparently has a work-personal life balance specialist.

Aimee has to say that traveling really aids up to her songwriting skills. Some of the musicians really know how to speak up their mind through music.

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And she surely is one of them. Guess what! Taylor Swift is not only the single person on earth who writes songs about the personal lives.

‘Everyone's just extracting meaning and feeling and emotion from almost every aspect of music, and I think that for me, it's a huge antidote to that to have a concept album.’ Yes! This is the reply she gave to one of the news reporters in Academy award ceremony when asked about what inspires her music.

Aimee Mann is an American rock singer, songwriter, bassist, and guitarist. She was the bassist and vocalist for the band ‘Til Tuesday’ during the 1980s. Since then, she has released albums and performed as a solo musician. She has been active in the industry since 1982.

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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This was not only the essence of the great physicist, Sir Issac Newton’s third law of motion, it also seemed to be governing principle for Aimee’s life.

Her breakthrough success with ‘Til Tuesday’ in 1985 eventually became a struggle against a label that wanted to mold her a different personality.

More about Aimee Mann

The singer has given numerous solos and has performed in many hit movies. However, her song ‘save me’ is one of her most popular songs so far.

It was nominated for an Academy Award for best song in 1999. Unfortunately, it lost to "You'll Be in My Heart" from Disney movie ‘Tarzan’. The song had also been nominated for the Grammy award for Best Pop Female Vocal. Unfortunately, that also lost against Macy Gray’s ‘I try’.

Her song “wise up” has been used for an organ donor campaign. Recently on August 19, 2015, Mann appeared with ‘The both’ band member Ted Leo on Conan performing an unsolicited campaign song for 2016 presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee.

The net worth of the singer is estimated to be $2 million as of now.