How much Money is Amy Acker Worth? Know her Movies and TV Show Career

Amy Acker!!! Many of you must be familiar with this name as she is seen on the famous television series "The Gifted" primary role as Caitlin Strucker. As she is successfully able to make a place in millions of people heart, her personal life is talked more.

But most of her fans didn't know about her personal life which may arise a question. How much money is Amy Acker worth and her salary?

Amy Acker's Career:

Amy Acker was born in Dallas, Texas, and moved on from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Theater. She started her acting career at her school and went ahead to a busy career in front of an audience, showing up in various, proficient, territorial theater creations.

Amy made her main debut playing the role of  Winifred "Fred" Burkle in Angel (seasons 2–5) and also in the show's fifth and final season as a role of Illyria. In 2005, she joined the cast of Alias for its final season. Also on the animated series Justice League Unlimited, she has provided voice acting.

Amy Acker in childhood Amy Acker in childhood
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In 2010, she became the regular character of the series ABC drama 'Happy Town' as Rachel Conroy. The same year, she started playing on the Fox series Human Target as a role of mysterious Katherine Walters. Also, she appeared in the horror movie The Cabin in the Wood. In 2012 she made guest performances in Grimm and in Warehouse. Also, she was set as Female Lead in Fox's Marvel Drama (Exclusive)

In March 2017, Acker was given a role as Kate Strucker in the pilot for the forthcoming Fox TV arrangement The Gifted, which was picked up to series in May 2017. Recently on 10 August, it was heard that  'The Gifted' Season 1 Plot News: Amy Acker's Character Might Evolve as the Story Progresses.

Amy Acker Net-Worth:

Amy Acker estimated Net-Worth is $2 million in 2017. As indicated by various sources, previously in 2015, her net worth is about $1 million. Her evaluated pay every year is $121,000.

Amy Acker Amy Acker
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She earned cash by marking these movies contracts: Sironia, A Near Death Experience, The Cabin in the Woods, Specialist, 21 and a Wake-Up, The Energy, Voices, Dear Santa and so on. She additionally earns from sponsorship and highlighting in programs which sum is $31,250.