How Much Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Net Worth in 2022? - How Rich is Jessica?

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes is an Instagram model and makeup artist who is well known among the public for being the daughter of Joanne Kathleen Rowling, aka J.K Rowling.

J.K Rowling is the author of the famous book series Harry Porter. She has gained much fortune from her book, making her the 196th-richest person in the UK with a total net worth of $1 Billion. So many people are curious about the net worth of Rowling's eldest daughter Arantes. Let's see how much fortune Arantes has and what is her net worth in 2022.

How much Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes  Net Worth in 2022?

As you already know, Arantes is the eldest daughter of J.K Rowlings, who has a massive net worth of $1 billion. Even though Rowling is rich, she has taught her children to be independent in life. So is Arantes she does not depend on her mother's money to fulfil her needs.

Instagram CAPTION: Instagram model Arantes posing for her Instagram Feed SOURCE: Instagram @jessicaarantes


As of 2022, Arantes' total net worth is estimated at around $300 thousand, which she has earned from brand promotion, online business of fashion items and kitchen equipment and her youtube channel. 

From this, we can say J.K Rowling's daughter Arantes is an independent woman who can fulfil her needs.

Details Of Earning and Income Sources Of Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes

As you already know, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes is a 28-year-old independent woman who is an Instagram model, Youtuber, makeup artist, and businesswoman. She also owns a youtube id @Jessica Arantes, where she posts the makeup tutorial video. Presently she does not post any video on that channel and has been inactive for three years.

Currently, Instagram model Arantes owns two businesses Fenzy Resin and Lojas Temperare and the majority of her net worth comes from her business. Her first business Fenzy Resin is concerned with selling decorative fancy items like bracelets, lockets, earrings and more. Arantes' second business is concerned with selling kitchen equipment like micro ovens, gas stoves, refrigerators, and other varieties of kitchen items. Arantes promotes her product through Instagram @fenzyresin and @lojastemperare. The business of Arantes is going well, so we can assume she is earning well from it.

She also has an Instagram id with over @jessicaarantes 10.5 thousand followers, where she has promoted some brands. According to quora, an influencer with 10k followers makes between $10-$500 per sponsor post, so we can assume that she has earned an amount between that. Furthermore, she is also the brand ambassador for her company.

Talking about her mother, J.K Rowling is an author, film producer, philanthropist, television producer and screenwriter. She made a massive net worth of $1 billion from her hard work. The book series Harry Poter which she wrote, became the best-selling book series of all time. Till now, 500 million copies of Harry Porter have been sold worldwide, which gave a massive growth in Rowling's wealth. It is estimated Rowling has earned around $1billion from the Harry Potter book series book sales.

How does Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Spend her Money?

 Arantes loves to travel to different places. She frequently posts her picture on Instagram, travelling to different places with her boyfriend Ronny Dias, with whom she has recently engaged. She spends most of her money on travelling and exploring new places. She also has maintained a luxurious lifestyle.

Arantes CAPTION: Arantes with her new car Peugeot SOURCE: Instagram @jessicaarantes


Besides travelling,  Instagram model Arantes also spends her money on purchasing cars. She recently purchased a Peugeot car model Peugeot2008jbl, which presently costs around $30thousand. 

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