How much is TV host Nicole Curtis's Approximated Salary and Net Worth? Know Her Lifestyle

Have you ever watched the popular HGTV and DIY Network megahit television show Rehab Addict? If you have watched it then you definitely know about the host Nicole Curtis. So, how much does a host of the megahit show earns? Any idea about TV host Nicole Curtis's net worth?

Along with Nicole Curtis's career and personal life, we will be discussing her salary, net worth, and properties. Check out to know everything about Nicole Curtis's net worth and her lavish life right below:  

Nicole Curtis's Net Worth

One of the talented and well-known television host Nicole Curtis earns a good amount of money from her professional journalism career. Since a long time, she has been actively working as a television producer and successfully gained a huge popularity from her show. 

As of now, Nicole Curtis's net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $5 million to $7 million. During her childhood, Curtis was highly interested in renovating houses. Later she left her college in order to fulfill her dream of being a television host.  

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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Well, within a short period of time, Curtis was able to fulfill her dream. Rehab Addict show hired Curtis in multiple episodes of the show as well as in the other shows. Among the speaking team of  HGTV and DIY Network, Curtis takes the highest amount of individual speaking fee. 

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

However, an afternoon with the Detroit native will cost you a minimum of $30000 and a max of $50,000. Most of the earning of Curtis arises through her own business of decorations and furnishes. She is fond of traveling and often visits new places during her vacation along with her child. 

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And if you go across Curtis's Instagram then you will definitely come to know about her lavish lifestyle.

Nicole Curtis wants her North Side house back 

In November 2012, the star of the HGTV show Rehab Addict brought an old house in North Minneapolis City for $2 as a rehab project. The house was brought under the contract of reconstruction within the same year and provide all the updates to the city of Minneapolis

Before the reconstruction of her house, Curtis also hosted a program to raise funds for a cancer patient. And for watching the program she charged $5 per person. 

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis with cancer patient][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

But as per the contract, Curtis failed to complete the reconstruction of the house. Moreover, the neighbor also protested that nothing has been done and further mentioned that they were fed up with the home's appearance. So the government finally sued her house. 

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis's house ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, she is appealing to the government for returning back her house. Besides this, Curtis did not any information related to the issue of her house.