How much is TV Host Jen Carfagno's salary?Know about her net worth and income source

June 22, 2017
First published on:June 22, 2017
by HitBerry

Jen Carfagno; one of the famous American television meteorologists. She is currently working for The Weather Channel (TWC) and co- hosts AMHQ with Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams from 6 AM to 9 AM weekdays.

Known as a weather girl, Jen Carfagno's professional life is successful and now people are attracted towards her net worth. Today, here we will talk about her net worth and sources of income. Check it out?

How much is Jen Carfagno's salary? Know her net worth too

As Jen Carfagno is one of the most attractive faces as a weather girl, people assumed that she might have a huge amount. Moreover, it's been a very long time that she has actively worked in the field and is still working actively.

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Jen Carfagno Jen Carfagno ? Source: instagram

Carfagno has always managed to keep all of her personal life behind the curtains. Also, she did not reveal anything regarding her net worth. However, some sites claim that her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

As Carfagno is working in The Weather Channel, she earns around $79k to $101k. Some sites claim that she makes around $300, 000 per year. Working as the co- host might help her to add the extra amount to her net worth.

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Jen Carfagno Jen Carfagno ?Source:?instagram

Jen Carfagno's Sources of Income

Carfagno is one of the reputed weather forecasters. For her amazing work in journalism, she was awarded "Robert O.Cole Award" in the year 1997. Carfagno collected such a huge amount through working her meteorologist career.

Jen Carfagno Jen Carfagno ? Source: instagram

Working for The Weather Channel and co-hosting AMHQ with Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams are the major sources of her income. Involving in several camps related to weather forecasting too adds an extra source of income.

Carfagno is also engaged as a visiting lecturer. She loves to share and gather the information related to weather and meteorology, which is another source of income. There is no doubt; she is successfully earning a huge amount.

Speaking of her lifestyle, she always dresses in a proper manner. Her dress up and personality clearly reflects her luxury life. She posts several photos on her official Instagram account and clearly shows how happily she is enjoying her life.

As Jen Carfagno is actively working in the field, there is no doubt that her net worth will get high in upcoming days.

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