How much is Tommy Sotomayor's net worth? Know about his sources of income, career and expensive gadgets

HitBerryPublished on   08 May, 2017Updated on   21 May, 2021

Tommy Sotomayor is an American radio and internet talk show host. He is also famous for YouTube personality, social and political commentator, film producer and men's rights activist. On deck, know about Tommy Sotomayor's net worth.


Sotomayor is famous for his MrMadness Sotomayor Youtube Channel. Also, he is known for being in controversies for numerous times. Today, here we will check Tommy Sotomayor's net worth, career, sources of income and more…

How much is Tommy Sotomayor's net worth? Know his sources of income

We will introduce Sotomayor as controversial internet comedian, political and satirist. He hit the spotlight for uploading videos like "Tommy Sotomayor Admits To His Relationship with Caramel Kitten" and "Woman Gets Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy!".

Tommy Sotomayor Tommy Sotomayor  Source: wikimedia

Back to the topic, Sotomayor is actively working in the field for a very long time. To be clearer, he launched his YouTube channel in the 2012 summer which made him able to stay in the hit light. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tommy Sotomayor earned around $1.5 million throughout his entire career.

Speaking up about his sources of income, he worked as the director of "A Fatherless America" in 2017. In addition to it, he is also the producer of the same documentary "A Fatherless America". Also, he appeared in the TV series like "Tomi", "On Point with Tomi Lahren" and "Dishing Tea with Big Meach". He might be earning a huge amount through his YouTube channel.

Tommy Sotomayor's Career

Tommy Sotomayor is widely known as "Mr. Controversy" or "TJ". First of all, he worked as the host of the radio show "Your World, My Views". He also runs the website "". He actually hit the limelight after giving an angry speech of criticism about African American women.

Tommy Sotomayor Tommy Sotomayor   Source: ytimg

In addition to it, he is popular for uploading sensational YouTube videos about shocking accusations blaming black women for young gay men, single black mothers often taking credit for rearing noteworthy children, claiming black women had failed and much more. He claims that the black people became androgynous that made them looks like a failure.

He reflected all his views of absent fathers in children experience challenges and black women in his documentary project "A Fatherless America". This documentary focused the all overall people suffering from fatherless homes. As per him, the project was close to his heart as it touched his own life.

 Tommy Sotomayor's Expensive Gadgets

While checking Sotomayor's official Instagram account, he did share his expensive gadgets with his fans. He owns a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the price of this expensive gadget is around $850 or even more than it. He also owns Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Sotomayor owns a Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera that costs around $2,869.95. Expensive headphones, car and expensive gadgets are what reflect his super luxurious life. You can have a look at his expensive gadgets here. Have a look…

As Tommy Sotomayor is actively working in the field, there is no doubt that his net worth will go high in upcoming days.