How much is Stone Phillips' net worth? Know about his career and awards

Stone Phillips is an American television reporter. We can say he was a reporter since he left NBC in 2007 after NBC didn’t renew his contract. The former host of Dateline on NBC made a big contribution during his career.

The 62-year-old anchor left his position in NBC after working for 15 years. Though he left the show, his fans are keen to know his career and Net Worth.

Stone Phillips' net worth

If you are looking the exact figure of Phillips Net Worth, then we must say sorry since we cannot claim the exact figure. Even if you go through the internet it may be difficult to come up with the conclusion. Do not worry. We have something for you.

Stone Phillips Stone Phillips   Source: gatetterview

The base salary of the NBC reporter is $28k-$30k. This does not combine Bonus and Profit sharing. Phillips was so dedicated to his career and throughout the 15 years, he had many promotions. His annual earning was up to $129,695. Some reports say that his Net Worth is $15 million and that seems pretty fair to us.

However, Phillips sold his triplex penthouse on Central Park West after leaving NBC. Phillips is the only person who knows how much he owns. By the time we can say that he is living his dream life with his wife Debra Phillips.

Career and Awards of Stone Phillips

Phillips started his career by working for the news magazine show 20/20 in 1986. He was there for a couple of years. Many doors of opportunities were opened for Phillips. He was the assignment editor in Washington Bureau of news. Also, he was guest-host in many shows.

Stone Phillips Stone Phillips    Source: nbcnews

Apart from anchoring, Phillips did roles in TV shows like 16th Annual American Century Championship, The Colbert Report, and Open Access.

Stone Phillips has not won many awards but he was nominated 8 times under different categories. Some of his nominations include Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a News Magazine, Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a News Magazine, Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News and many. He earned Emmy Award in 1996 for Outstanding Interview.

Stone Phillips during his show Stone Phillips during his show    Source: mediate

Well, Stone Phillips is currently out of the sight of media. He may be focusing more on his personal life than professional life.