How much is Naga Munchetty's Net worth? See her salary and career as a journalist.

Naga Munchetty is a newsreader and a journalist who at present works for BBC network and presents shows like: ‘BBC One’s BBC World News’, ‘BBC Breakfast’ and ‘Victoria Derbyshire’.

And with things Naga has accomplished to this day as a journalist, her net worth and salary have gone over the board; more precisely, she earns a lot more than any of us can even imagine. Let’s all find out.

Naga Munchetty’s Net Worth

Naga has been able to do lotta things in her life, from golfing to dancing to being a journalist and all sorts of stuffs. And with these, she has managed to earn a lot.

As indicated by glassdoor, a normal journalist at BBC would earn around $41,000 to $45,000 per month. And to let ya folks know, she worked there for years and it made her salary step up time after time.


Furthermore, she is not just a Journalist; she is a pro golfer and a media personality too, and I would say, it is also one of the sources of her money.

I am pretty sure she earns in 7 numbers today cuz it is not just BBC that she worked with. There are various channels she worked before. Scroll down to find out.

Naga Munchetty’s Career as a Journalist

Prior to everything, Naga first worked on the City Pages of the London ‘Evening Standard’ as a journalist. Then, she worked on the Business Section of ‘The Observer’.

Later, Her TV career turned on as she was selected for ‘Reuters Financial Television’. After, she worked for CNBC Europe as a senior producer; a reporter and a business producer for ‘Channel 4 News’; and also a presenter on ‘Bloomberg Television’.

Sources: instagram

In October 2008, she joined ‘Working Lunch’ and stayed there until July 2010. She has also hosted ‘Radio 4’s Money Box and has reporter from the City for ‘BBC News’. Since August 2010, Naga presented early morning bulletins on the ‘BBC News Channel’ and ‘BBC World News’.

And that is not all; in September 2010, she has also co-hosted ‘The Spending Review -The South Today Debate’ on BBC One alongside ‘Sally Taylor’.

In October 2010, she presented ‘Paranormal Investigation: Live on Living’ to celebrate Halloween. And on August 26th, 2016; Munchetty presented an episode of ‘Newsnight’ on ‘BBC Two’.

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Now, let us think; she has been involved with so many channels, don’t you think it is pretty obvious that she is already a millionaire by now.

Naga Munchetty’s House

Naga Munchetty resides at ‘Hertfordshire’ in Southern England. She moved into the house over 6 years ago with husband, James Hagger. She states that she spends much of her time in her living room. I must say she has a hell of a house. It is too pretty, right!!

Naga Munchetty in her living room at 'Hertfordshire'.

Naga Munchetty in her living room at 'Hertfordshire'.



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