How much is McKayla Maroney's net worth? Know about her career and the ''not impressed'' pose

May 4, 2017
First Published On: May 4, 2017
by HitBerry

We all know Mckayla Maroney very well. Yes! We are talking about the famous American former artistic gymnast McKayla. Here, let us discuss on Mckayla Maroney's net worth and career.

McKayla's popularity in the sports world doubled after she won the Olympics gold in the team performance in London Olympic. Along with the fame, she also managed to earn good money.

McKayla Maroney's net worth and her sources of income

The California-born gymnast Mckayla Maroney is just of age 21. She is one of the youngest gymnasts the sports world ever got. The adroit American gymnast McKayla currently holds the net worth of around $4 million.

Source: Instagram Source: Instagram

According to the source, she earned the whopping amount of money through her profession in the gymnastic. Apart from gymnastic, she also earned a handsome amount of money through endorsements and advertisements.

She is an active user of social sites like Instagram and Twitter. But, she always uses it to share her moments of gymnastics with her fans. She never posts some luxuries or accessories on it. So, we can go no further about her net worth.

McKayla Maroney's Career in Short

Before McKayla began her career in gymnastics, she competed at the Visa Championships in Dallas, Texas in 2009. She finished twenty-seventh in all round. Two years later, Maroney made her senior career debut in March 2011.

In her debut, she competed at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Jesolo, Italy. There she won the competition with a score of 57.850. Later on, she competed in some other competition before she focused herself for the upcoming London Olympics.

But her career took a sharp turn after her appearance in the London Olympics 2012. She gave her brilliant performance in both single and team performances. In the Olympics, she won the gold medal in the group event while she failed to grab the gold in the single vault marginally.

McKayla Maroney's ''Not Impressed'' Pose Became Viral

On winning the team's final event, Maroney did something extraordinary on the field. She made the extremely difficult vault look like as walking on the cake. On the other hand, she quickly became popular for her pose of ''not impressed''. McKayla gave the pose after taking the silver medal in the women individuals.

Famous American gymnast McKayla Maroney after getting a silver medal in London Olympics, Source:  Famous American gymnast McKayla Maroney after getting a silver medal in London Olympics, Source:

The "not impressed'' meme became so viral on the social media. Later, she also met the former US president Barack Obama and they both did the same pose. They also snapped the moment which revived the social media thoroughly. Later, the White House Archive also tweeted mentioning the stuff.