How Much is Matt Barnes' ex-wife Gloria Govan's Current Net Worth? Career, Awards, House, and Cars

A household name, Gloria Govans appears in the Basketball Wives. However, Govan has gained a wide recognition for being the ex-wife of NBA player, Matt Barnes.


Since her divorce with Matt, people often discuss Govan's personal life. As people have more idea about her relationship, but what about her career and earnings? How much does she earn? What's her current net worth? Let's find out everything about her career, awards, networth, and properties!

Gloria Govan's Net worth And Career

The 32 years old renowned actress, Gloria Govan earns a decent amount of money from her acting career. As of now, Govan has the estimated net worth of $1.5 million which is totally worth. Since 2010, she still appears on the television show Basketball Wives

[ CAPTION: Gloria Govan ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

In 2011, Govan started to appear on the television show Basketball Wives. But she was kicked off from the show back in 2016. The sources mentioned that the reason for being kicked off form the tv show was, Govan refused to film some important events of her life including her wedding with Matt Barnes.

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Similarly, Govan further appeared in the television show, Meet the Blacks in 2016. Likewise, she has starred in the movies including Chocolate City and More Family. Moreover, Govan was also named the hostess of Codeblack Entertainment's all-new entertainment documentary series, Backstage Confidential.

[ CAPTION: Gloria Govan ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Besides her acting career, Govan is also a model and promotes the products of several companies. Govan has even partnered with UFC in order to promote the association between UFC and Fox television. Furthermore, she has published a cookbook entitled A Mixed Girl's Favorite Recipes. 

Gloria Govan's Family And Pets

The gorgeous actress, Gloria Govan is not only a successful actress but also a perfect mother. Along with her career, Govan is successfully maintaining her family too. Govan currently lives along with her two sons, Carter Kelly Barnes and Isaiah Michael Barnes. 

[ CAPTION: Gloria Govan children ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Govan always fulfills all the demands of her children and often shares the pictures of her children via Instagram. Furthermore, Govan is fond of rearing dogs and reares several dogs including The Presa Canario whose price ranges between $1500 - $2000. 

[ CAPTION: Gloria Govan's dog ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Likewise, she also owns a Golden Retriever which costs $500 to $3000 and also a Bulldog whose price starts from $1600. If we visit her Instagram then we can definitely see the adorable picture of the dogs shared by her.

[ CAPTION: Gloria Govan's dog ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Similarly, she has a Golden Wiener and also a Pitbull dog whose price starts from $550. Govan often spends her vacations with her children and also takes the dogs along with her during the vacations.