How much is Martin Shkreli's net worth? Know about his salary, career and awards

An Albanian American entrepreneur and pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is also known as the Pharma bro. He is an Albanian American businessman, co-founder of MSMB Capital Management and founder of Turning Pharmaceuticals AG.

Most of you know his professional life detailly but have you ever imagine his net worth?  Obviously no. Being a successful businessman, his net worth and salary is more than you imagined. So check it out here, how much is Martin Shkreli's net worth and salary and also his career that how he is able to gain success in his life.

Martin Shkreli's Networth

A very highly renowned businessman Martin has a net worth of $50 million. He is well known as a hedge fund founder and also Chief executive officer of the biotechnology firm Retrophin. The 34-year-old Martin is the live example for those people who are just losing their hopes to get success in their life.

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Martin is able to gain huge success so let's move towards his career and some facts that you should know how he is able to be a successful businessman.

Martin Shkreli's career

Martin was born in Brooklyn. He started working on Wall Street when he was just 17, starting as an intern for Jim Carmer's Company.

The journey of Martin is actually well documented. He started as an intern in a hedge fund and after he started his own hedge fund, which creates some problems and then he started his first pharma company Retrophin(RTRX).

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He also was CEO of Kalo Bios Pharmaceuticals. He became a popular target of public scorn. But Martin was fired because he was charged with security fraud and conspiracy. When he was CEO, reportedly he looted $11 million from another pharmaceutical company, Retrophin. Let's have a look at this video.

Martin Shkreli Martin Shkreli, source: pmchollyowood

Shortly after, he founded his second pharma company- Turning. However, Turning Pharmaceuticals worth between $30 to $50 million. He got his degree in business administration but you have been wondering that how he runs a pharmaceutical company? Martin has a great knowledge in the field of pharma and he is self-taught and we can say that he his experience made him capable to run a pharmaceutical company.