How much is Marlon Jackson net worth? Know about his Salary, Career, and Awards

One of the members of ‘The Jackson 5’, Marlon Jackson first interest wasn't singing but with his amazing talent and versatility, he became able not only to be a singer but also an amazing entertainer as well as a dancer. So how much has Jackson been able to earn so far? If you are wandering around this very question, then here is an answer to it.

Jackson who is also known as ‘The Dancingest Jackson’ because of his amazing dance performances on stage, also has a great sense of humor which is why he is also called ‘Jokester’. Hence, he earns his living from different sectors. Stay with us to know in detail net worth and to find out how does he spend his earnings.

Marlon Jackson net worth and singing career

The singer’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 Thousand. Back in the 60's, when Marlon was just a child, his older brothers formed a group named, The Jackson Five. Later, he joined the group and started his career as a singer. After some time, one of his group members, Jermaine left the group and he had to perform a more prominent role for the singing-dancing group.

A complete picture of 'The Jackson Five' with 'Marlon Jackson' 'The Jackson Five' with 'Marlon Jackson', Source: Express

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A picture of Marlon Jackson when he was young A picture of Marlon Jackson when he was young, Source: Lipstick Alley

After Old Jermaine left the group, he started performing old Jermaine’s vocal parts in the band. Later with the return of him in 1983, Marlon started writing and producing the Victory album in 1984. Soon after that, he left The Jacksons and stepped in his solo career. His debut album as a solo star was, ‘Baby Tonight’. Similarly, he produced a hit album with the song, ‘Don’t go’.

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Marlon Jackson’s other career and awards

Apart from everything we've mentioned above, another thing that added to his net worth is he was also a part of a reality show named ‘The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty’. However, he was not able to continue his career in the music industry as he started branching out into real estate by moving to southern California and running a business there. Talking about his awards, he was nominated for 3 Grammy awards and won the trophy in Legend Music Awards.

Another string to his bow is that he invested and is a part owner of a cable network named the Black Family Channel with programs aimed especially at the black community. Over the years, though their family lost a family member, Michael Jackson, they still continued performing as ‘The Jackson Five’ every now and then. This not only helped them feel less painful for their lost brother but also helped fans to remember Michael forever.