How much is Kimberly Dozier's net worth? Know about her career

HitBerryPublished on   27 Jul, 2017Updated on   24 May, 2021

Kimberly Dozier is the contributing writer for The Daily Beast and is also a contributor to CNN Globe Affair analyst. She covered all the conflict across the Mideast and Europe and national security policy in Washington, DC.

But the question remained, how did she gain such a great achievement? On deck, let's dig into her net worth, career, sources of income and more.

Kimberly Dozier's net worth

Kimberly is has a significant net worth but she hasn't published yet. She never denied any project whether it was a risk for her life and this is the reason she is that she might earn a huge sum of money so she hides to tell in front of the media.

She is known by the world because she was able to bring a revolution in the world of journalism. She has written many books including Breathing the fire: Fight to Survive, and Get Back to the Fight, Fighting to Report and Survive the war in Iraq and much more. Let's have a look Kimberly talking about her book

Kimberly Dozier career as a prosperous Journalist 

Hawai born Kimberly Dozier is one of six siblings and she was raised by Benjamin a constructor worker and retire Marine. She completed her master's degree from the University of Virginia. From 1988to 1991 she served as a reporter for The Energy Daily, New Technology Week and much more. 

Kimberly also worked as an anchor for BBC World Service's and from 1996 to 2002 she appointed for London bureau chief and chief European correspondent for CBS Radio news and also as a reporter for CBS News television.

Kimberly Dozier reporting for the CBS NEWS Kimberly Dozier reporting for the CBS NEWS, Source:

She started working as a stringer for CBS Radio News, and after some month she became a network TV correspondent for the CBS Evening News. After achieving great progress it was not the end, she became the chief correspondent for WCBS-TV in Jerusalem.

She left CBS and television and move forward to be the Intelligence Writer for the Association press. And she is also known as a writer. The long journey of Kimberly's has really made her capable what she is at present.

Kimberly during news reporting Kimberly during news reporting, Source:

Talking about her personal life, it's a rumor that she got married to her boyfriend Pete as there is no information about her husband in detail.

Kimberly Dozier survived a car bomb attack

Throughout the journey as a reporter, Kimberly faced a number of injuries, during her treatment and recovery when she has survived a car bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq. She explains that it was a painful process of rehabilitation during the injury in Iraq.

Kimberly during Iraq attack Kimberly during Iraq attack, Source:

She has faced numerous problems, but her hard work has made her renown by the world. If she has worked hard in the field of journalism than what might be her net worth? So let's find out.