How Much Is Kelly Hu's Net Worth and Salary? Know about her Lavish Lifestyle

The American actress, beauty queen, and a fashion model, Kelly Ann Hu is currently 50 years' old. She has been successful since long back when she was a model, but now, through the years, she has gained a lot of fans to her side and earned net worth up to millions. 


With the voice and facial structure of a star, she has been a reigning Asian actress since long before. With her start some 23 years ago, she has already bagged a high sum of money to her bank account. Let's look into the details of her career earnings. 

Kelly Hu's Net Worth and Earnings

Kelly Hu started out as a model but ended up being a beauty pageant and an actress in her later days. Her beauty and passion for work earned herself a large sum of money during her long career of professionalism. 

CAPTION: Kelly Hu Photoshoot SOURCE: Baby Metal

To reveal the truth, the actress Kelly Hu's net worth is around $10 million according to The Richest Magazine. She has been paid handsomely for her roles in the movies she has played. She was also the face of Viagra. This also improved her popularity in the global market. 

Kelly Hu's Lavish Lifestyle

Talking about Kelly Hu's way of life, she is currently living in her home in Hawaii, America. The place of abode is unknown to us but, all we know is she lives in Hawaii. Her earnings are majorly spent on travel as she is an avid traveler.  

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CAPTION: Kelly Hu exploring Kathmandu Durbar Square, Nepal SOURCE: Twitter

As we search for some clues, we found that she has been to many different countries such as India, Nepal, Cambodia, Austria, and even, Australia. Kelly looks like she wants to travel the whole world, ain't she? Look at some of her pictures; we picked out from her Facebook profile. 

CAPTION: Kelly Hu in Cambodia SOURCE: Facebook
CAPTION: Kelly Hu in Australia SOURCE: Facebook
CAPTION: Kelly Hu in Nepal SOURCE: Facebook
CAPTION: Kelly Hu in Austria SOURCE: Facebook
CAPTION: Kelly Hu in India SOURCE: Facebook

Besides her love for travel, she also seems like an animal lover. She has a small dog named Masha. We don't know the breed of the dog, but it looks like a Chihuahua breed. She also connected to horses some days ago. 

CAPTION: Kelly Hu's pet dog Chihuahua SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Kelly Hu connecting with horses SOURCE: Instagram

Well, it seems as if the actress is living her life of thrill and adventure as she goes on to discover new places.