How much is Kat Von D's Net Worth and Earnings? Know her Sources of Income, Makeup-Line, Books, Donations, and Charities

If you are a tattoo lover, then you should have watched the TLC's famed tattoo show, LA Ink. The tattooed girl from the show, Kat Von D has turned the world upside down with her makeup and tattoo skills and added a lot to her total net worth through her artistry.


Katherine Von Drachenberg, mostly known as Kat Von D, is an American tattoo artist, model, musician, television personality, and an entrepreneur. Kat Von D, with her tattoos and makeup collection, has changed the world into a more beautiful place. Let's look at how much Kat has gained from her cosmetics collection and also, we will talk about her makeup and tattoos. 

Kat Von D's Net Worth and Earnings

To get straight to the point, Kat Von D's net worth is around $10 million. With her start at the age of 16, it sure is a lot of success, isn't it? 

CAPTION: Kat Von D SOURCE: Instagram

Kat's earnings are all from her tattoo and makeup line. As she appeared in the reality TV show Miami Ink for two seasons, she has taped 305 tattoos for them. Later on, she was fired from the shop, so she bagged another show of her own. 

YouTube: Kat Von D in Miami Ink

Her new show also showcased her tattoos at the High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood California. During the shoot of the show, she received a Guinness World Record for the most tattoos given by a single person within 24 hours with as much as 400 tattoos. 

CAPTION: Kat Von D's Guinness World Record Certificate SOURCE: Tumblr

Apart from her shows, she also has a book of her own called the High Voltage Tattoo which shows her artworks and tattoos. The book won the 6th place on The NewYork Times Best Seller list.

Her second book, The Tattoo Chronicles also reached the 3rd place on the same list. The artist also has a third book Go Big or Go Home. All of her books are available on Amazon for a price in between $15-$100.

Kat Von D as an Entrepreneur

As we have all mentioned earlier, Kat Von D is also an entrepreneur. She is the creator of the makeup line Sephora. The makeup line slowly made its way to the whole of cosmetics line including that of perfumes. In 2016, she announced her makeups to be vegan

CAPTION: Kat Von D's Cosmetics line, Sephora SOURCE: Reiko

The artist is also known as the establishing head of the MusInk Tattoo Convention and Music Festival. Apart from that, she also has an art gallery and boutique with the name Wonderland Gallery next to her tattoo shop at Los Angeles. 

Kat Von D as a Philanthropist

With being a tattoo artist and entrepreneur, Kat Von D is also known as a philanthropist. She is an animal lover. For her love for animals, she announced her brand Sephora a vegan cosmetics.

This was done to save cruelty to animals as she guarantees that her works are not checked on animals, or any related animal ingredients are used in her products. 

CAPTION: Kat Von D's Vegan Product SOURCE: Vegan Beauty Review

Her entrepreneurship line started a charitable organization called the Art of Elysium to help the emerging artists. She also donates 20% of her sales of lipstick Project Chimps to an organization of the same name.

Also, for every sale of her Five Fearless Years of Limited Tattoo Liner, she donates a dollar each to the California Wildlife Center. 

Well, we don't have to tell you now why the tattoo artist, Kat von D's makeup, and tattoos are popular, do we?