How Much is John Hensley's Net Worth? Know in Detail about his Salary, Career, and Awards

Well-known American actor, who played the role of Matt McNamara in the series Nip/Tuck John Hensley began his professional career back in 1999 and since then, Hensley is assumed to earn a huge amount through his acting career.

Well, Hensley' fans are willing to know about his net worth and salary. Today, we are here to cover his net worth, earning, awards and career. Stay connected:

John Hensley's Net Worth

John Hensley did not reveal the exact figure of his net worth, but we can assume that his net worth is in the million figure.

Some sites claim that the 40 years old actor's net worth is estimated to be $1 million. But some another tabloid site claimed that his worth is $5 million. Confusing, right? So what is your views on John Hensley net worth?

Don't you feel that John Hensley's net worth is higher than $5 million?

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Well, with his incredible acting skills, John Hensley has collected a decent amount of money from his acting career. The actor gathered a decent amount of money appearing in the movies and several TV series.

John Hensley's Salary and Earning

In 2006, John signed a film called Fifty Pills which paid him $71,429. His starring horror film, Teeth earned a positive response from critics and had an international box office gross amount of $ 2, 340, 110. For this move, Hensley collected around $90,909.

[ CAPTION: Jon Hensley ][ SOURCE: The Red List ]

In 2011, John Hensley appeared highly acclaimed film Hostel: Part III, and received $200,000 amount. For your information, the budget of the film was $6 million. His starring move Mall also helped him to earn $250,000.

In 2008, John Hensley signed a contract of $111,111 with the film Shutter. Likewise, Hensley grabbed around $166,667 from Peoples, $142,857 from Chains, and $55,55 from Campfire Stories.

Similarly, he also adds his earning from endorsements such as Men' Fashion Line. He seems to have a huge patient for bikes and cars collection. 

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John Hensley's Career and Awards

Hensley who is well known for his role Matt McNamara in the series Nip/Tuck began his acting career in the late 90s with the series Strangers with Candy.

John Hensley is mostly known for his co-starring role on the short-lived series, Witchblade, where he played the role of Gabriel Bowman from 2001 to 2002.

[ CAPTION: John Hensley's Career ][ SOURCE: The Red List ]

John Hensley also made his appearances in such film, and television series and some of his notable works include The Sopranos, Madigan Men, Campfire Stories, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, World Poker Tour, Teeth, Shutter, and many more.

With his incredible performance, he has won millions of hearts but sadly could not bag any awards till the date. However, he got a nomination for OFTA Television Award in the category of best supporting actor for his series Nip/Tuck.

As Hensley is still engaged in his acting career, no doubt, he would certain bag an award in coming days.