How Much is Jared Leto's Net Worth?Know in Detail about his Career, Awards and Properties

Sam SmithPublished on   28 Mar, 2018Updated on   20 Apr, 2021

The American actor, Jared Leto, who has been able to get into a romantic relationship with so many famous women of the Hollywood industry, has also gotten successful in his professional field and been able to earn a huge amount of net worth.


With a tall appearance and charming physique, Jared has been able to get into the dreams of so many girls, even of the industry. Such features added to his hard work and determination has added a lot to his total wealth. Today, we have chosen the hot topic of the actor Jared Leto's net worth and lifestyle.

The Net worth of Jared Leto

Jared Leto is both an actor and a singer, so he earns a lot of fans through his shows and movies, but does he earn enough cash from them? What do you think his net worth has summed up to? Well, you can call Jared a multimillionaire. His current net worth is estimated to be, wait for it, $40 million. 

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CAPTION: Actor, Jared Leto SOURCE: Instagram

Yes! You heard it right! He has a $40 million worth of fortune. The actor rose to fame since his big break in the TV Show, My-So Called Life in 1994. After that, he has been on a rise through his movies as well as his songs. Let's look at the earnings of Jared Leto's movies. 

The Earnings of Jared Leto's Movies and Awards

The actor, Jared earned his way to the top through his movies and albums. His movie, Dallas Buyers Club has earned a total of $55.2 million and got him more than 2 dozen awards for his role. This movie has made him a winner of the Best Supporting Actor awards.

CAPTION: Jared Leto's SOURCE: Instagram

He also portrayed a role of the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. The movie grossed over $746 million dollars. This movie also got him the nomination for the supporting role awards. Apart from that, he has also won some great awards through his musical journey. 

Jared Leto Properties: House, Cars

With all that money into the account, it is obvious that Jared Leto is living a lavish life. Let's look at some of his lavish lifestyles.


Jared Leto has a house in the Hollywood Hills. The price of the house is estimated to be around $1.9 million. The house includes a swimming pool, luxurious bedrooms, and a world-class kitchen.

CAPTION: Jared Leto's house SOURCE: Variety

Talking about his house, it is themed as a forest in its exterior but, in its interior looks, it has a fully functional modern design. All of the floors are marbled and the walls are painted white. 

Car collection

Jared Leto is a car enthusiast as he has a cool collection of huge cars. He is a proud owner of Ford Bronco which is at a price of around $40,000. Likewise, he also owns Mercedes G Wagon and Vayodor G35 Sports cars. Both of the cars are above the price range of $120,000.

Youtube: Jared Leto Car Collection;

Apart from such cars, he also owns the Lincoln Navigator which has a cost of $72,000 and GMC Yukon which has a cost of $60,000 in the US market. 

All in all, we can say that the life of Jared Leto's life is luxuriously beautiful. And it's obvious, Just Look at his net worth guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!