How much is Ginger Zee and her Husband Ben Aaron's Net Worth? Know about her Career and Salary

February 14, 2017
First Published On: February 14, 2017

Isn't it always better to marry someone of the same profession? We think it is the key point that will lead to successful married life. It will actually help the couple to know and understand each other in a better way.

Here, we will be talking about the media personality couple, Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron. Everyone is very well known about their professional life thus we will be talking about their personal information. More emphasis will be given to their net worth and salary.

Ginger Zee and her husband Ben Aaron's Net Worth

Before checking out their net worth, first of all, we would like to introduce. Ginger Zee is an American television personality who is currently working as a meteorologist for ABC World News Tonight and Good Morning America. Ben Aaron is a media personality who is working for New York Live and Crazy Talk. The couple got married June 7, 2014.

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron

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Ginger Zee first started her career in the year 2004. She has worked for various media outlets like Michigan, Indiana, WOOD-TV, Flint and much more. It was the year 2011 November 12 that Ginger joined Good Morning America Weekend. She was announced as the chief meteorologist for Good Morning America.

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Ginger has already worked for around 13 years in the media thus everyone is hoping that her net worth is high. However, as indicated by celebritynetworth, she is estimated to have around $3 million. Also, her salary is estimated to be around $500 thousand per year.

Ben Aaron first started his journalism career in the year 1999 at the age of 18 for "Radio Disney". After working as a radio host, he then started working on air Television host for "Daybreak OC". He has also worked as the host for the show "New York Live" and also worked for LXTV-branded series. His performance in Crazy Talk is taken to be the notable one.

Ben Aaron has actually always been too much secretive regarding his personal life. He barely talks about his personal life and rarely shows up in the media. Thus, he has not revealed his net worth till the date. His salary is also yet to be disclosed.

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron’s House

Ginger Zee owns a beautiful NYC apartment and is happily living with her husband Ben Aaron and son, Adrian Benjamin. Describing the house, the house spreads up to 40, 000 square foot. The house consists of a pool, basketball court, golf simulator, and bowling alley. The house is nicely designed and completely filled with stylish furniture. Check out the pictures..

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron's House

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron's House

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron with their son

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron with their son

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