How much is Fairuza Balk net worth? Know about her Career and Awards

HitBerryPublished on   23 Mar, 2017Updated on   25 May, 2021

Fairuza Balk is an American film actress who made her debut in Return to Oz as Dorothy Gale in 1985. Since then she has appeared in many movies like The Craft, Valmont, American history X, Almost Famous, The Waterboy and personal Velocity: three portraits.

Fairuza is very beautiful with the average height of 5’ 3’’. The 42-year lady has a charming smile in her face which matches her identity. You just need to have faith and move towards your dream and success will come to you eventually. That’s what she has taught us from her life. Let’s know about her career and awards first.

Fairuza Balk’s Career and Awards

Fairuza Bulk was born on 21 May 1974 in Point Reyes, California. She grew up in Vancouver after moving from California. She was interested in acting from her early age. She joined Royal Academy of Ballet when she was 4.

Fairuza Balk during her early age


Fairuza started her formal career via The Best Christmas Pagent Ever in 1983. She has traveled places to fulfill her dream as an actress. She first moved to London to do a role in Return to Oz. Then she moved to Paris to do a movie like Deception, The Worst Witch, and Poor Little Rick Girl.

Not only movies, she has given voice to some very popular games and video games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and The Justice League. Besides, Fairuza has made an important contribution in the television series The Haunting of Fairuza Balk.


Fairuza is multi-talented, I must say. She has not only been involved in acting, she released Stormwinds under the artist title “Armed Love Militia”. She appeared in the group show ‘MIXTAPE’ with Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Jessica Addams and Rose Garcia. The songs are also available on Itunes.

Fairuza is also known for her roles in Europe. But she knew she would get ample opportunity in North America. She has shown her excellent performance in Dose of Reality in 2013. Because of her success in the films, she is offered more movies recently.


Fairuza has done a remarkable job in her movies and she is awarded for that. In 1997, she achieved MTV Movie Award for Best Fight for her movie, The Craft. She previously got Independent Spirit Award for Best Female for Gas Food Lodging. She is also awarded for Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast.


Fairuza Balk’s Net Worth

Fairuza Balk has really achieved so much in her life and she has more to go. She has managed to live her life the way she wants. Her estimated Net Worth is $9 million. With her increasing fan followers, she has managed to be one of the loved celebrity. She has recently not appeared in movies for a while. Maybe, she is busy figuring out her role.