How much is Draya Michele's Net Worth? She is rich with big house and nice cars.

HitBerryPublished on   18 Sep, 2016Updated on   11 May, 2017

Andrea Michele Howard, best known as Draya Michele is a model and an actress who has been known to be the main cast on the reality show Basketball Wives LA. She has been engaged to NFL player Orlando Scandrick.

Net Worth and Career

Pennsylvania-born Draya is known to be a fashion designer and a super-model. She was in the limelight after she was chosen as a main for the reality TV series Basketball Wives LA which airs on VH1. She has acted in various movies - Will to Love alongside R&B singer Marques Houston and The Perfect Match alongside actor Terrence J. She will also be seen in an upcoming drama film named True to the Game.

Other than movies, she has established her own clothing line with a title of  Fine Ass Girls, and a swimsuit line named Mint Swim. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Zendaya have been known to have promoted the swimsuits with collaboration with other designers.

Draya Michele in the movie Will to Love

Draya Michele in the movie Will to Love

Talking about her net worth, it is estimated to be more than $400,000. She has her own fashion line and has been working as a model as well as an actress,so it is obvious that she has been earning good money from her career.

Immensely big mansion

Recently in August 2016, Draya Michele and her fiance Dallas Cowboy hottie Orlando bought a huge mansion – 5 bedrooms beautiful home for around $2.8 million in Los Angeles, California.There is nothing that’s missing out on this manor : Design, pieces of furniture, equipment, beautification – all intact. The house is fully colored in white and it really is a dream house anyone could dream of.

Draya's fiance chose the right home for a family of 6, four children and the parents. 5 bedrooms would just be enough for the cute little family right? The house is spread across 6300 sq. ft. and is located at a private and quite society in Tarzana  - in San Fernando Vallery region. Tarzana is mostly known to be a residential community site.

Once you peek into the house, I can bet that you will definitely get lost with the beauty it presents. Just when you enter, it looks no less than a palace, the wide spaces, illuminating stairs would remind you of the mansion showcased in the movie " The Great Gatsby". The stairs are spread out on two sides which separate from the first floor. The designs in the stairs are incorporated in a beautiful manner which provides extra glam to the entrance hall.

The most striking feature of this house is that there are more than one living room - the uncountable number of chairs, tables and resting sofas. The walls are painted with white on the top and lower ends and the rest is filled with beautiful light muddy brown color.

While the halls are floored with marbles, remaining rooms are parketed with wooden flooring. The curtains match with that of the wall coloring too. The living room is just absolutely lovely.

The sofas complement the walls, the cushions are silver, black and white in color. There is a beautiful piano situated right in front of the window arena. And how would an American home miss out on a Firewood section?

Moving on to the kitchen, the size is just fit for their family. Everything is intact. Since there are children in the family, glasses and cups are safely stored in the cupboard - out of reach for their children. The cupboards are painted white while the cooking area and preparations slabs are granite-polished.

The bedroom is absolutely phenomenal, a king sized bed with LED TV right in front and a treadmill for fitness. There is a big window in the room which provides more than enough warmth and brightness to the room with a beautiful view of the front yard.

My personal favorite among all is the front yard! It obviously is clean but moreover, there is a small pool located, enough vegetation to keep the area fresh.

A slide is attached along with the pool where the children can enjoy themselves at home - a personal water park. In front of the pool is a resting area, shaded with a triangular hut. Draya and Orlando can definitely take a rest there while their children enjoy at the pool.

The bathroom is absolutely mesmerizing. Did you know that Draya's home sweet home has 7 bathrooms! That's like more in number than total bedrooms! The lightings look expensive, the bathtub is covered with designed stones and there are two mirrors with bathroom cabinets under each.

On the one end of the mansion, there is a section specifically separated for Barbeque preparation. The equipment is pre-installed and there is ample space with chairs and tables to enjoy a nice barbecue session with family and friends.

The dining table is right behind the huge living room where the chairs are covered in white and the table is coffee brown in color. A chandelier is attached on top of the table and an antique candle holder is in the middle of the table. The table is just right for the number of members in Draya's family.

A fascinating section in their home is the BAR section! Yes, you read it right! There is a corner which has been separated for alcoholic beverages. We could guess quite a lot of parties to be happening in their house.

Even though Draya's lover Orlando is a football player, it would not be surprising to see a basketball court in his house, would it? After all one of the main benefits of basketball leads to fitness. There is a right-sized basketball court at their home for the children to help themselves stay fit.

Draya Michele's Love for Cars

Draya, being a supermodel and an actress, earns a fortune. She definitely adds up expensive cars to her list of fortune.

Among all other cars she has, she owns a Bentley - looks more like the Continental GT model. This car, at an average, ranges from around $200,000 to $500,000.

And Draya doesn't care about any spill or stains on her car. She absolutely enjoys having fast food in the front seat of her Bentley!

It's not only Bentley that she owns, here I present to you her car number two - a Mercedes G-Class SUV. It is known that Draya was gifted a $135,000 Mercedes Wagon by her Fiance on Christmas.

Her Instagram posts signify that she owns a Rolls Royce too! The actress cum entrepreneur took a selfie in the front seat of her car with her head bent down where we could spot the logo 'RR' -  a Rolls Royce.

Draya's Engagement Ring

31-year-old Draya got engaged to her footballer boyfriend last year in 2015. She has been showing off her engagement ring quite often in numerous events and mostly on her Instagram.

Her ring is just gorgeous - a 7 carat silver ring - costing a whopping sum of $400,000!  According to TMZ, apparently, the huge engagement ring was designed by Jason of Beverly Hills.

More about Draya's Personal Life

Bold and Beautiful Draya has information that could be dug up into her past. The duo, who welcomed a baby boy this year, Jru, is the first child they had as a couple, but not their first child ever.

Draya has a 13-year-old boy, Knicko. And 28-year-old Football star Orlando has twin daughters - Taylor and Tatiana who are 6 years old. Well, it definitely seems like they are one happy family - trying to blend up with one another in a perfect manner.