How much is Dj Khaled net worth? Know about his cars and houses and his source of income

HitBerryPublished on   19 Mar, 2017Updated on   16 May, 2021

DJ Khaled is a big name for the music industry. His full name is Khaled bin Mohamed Khaled and is an American DJ, record producer, label executive, radio personality and author. The way DJ Khaled has gained success is remarkable.

The success of DJ Khaled is not the overnight success he has done a lot of hard work so he deserves our attention. Khaled released his debut album, Listenn.., in 2007. Some of his successful albums are We the best forever (2011), kiss the ring (2012) and major key.

DJ Khaled’s Net Worth

Khaled earned his first No.1 album with Major Key in 2016. That made a huge impact on the net worth of DJ Khaled. Suffering from success (2013), I changed a lot (2015) and Major key (2016) are the albums which made his career more successful.


I guess you have already guessed the Net worth of Khaled as he is realizing one of the best albums recently. Let’s see if you are correct. The net worth of Khaled is $20 million.That's big, really. DJ Khaled once proposed to Nicki Minaj with a $500,000 engagement ring on MTV. The Hollywood was shocked by that proposal. However, Nicki revealed that it was a joke and nothing more than that.

I don’t want you to be confused as Khaled has a beautiful partner, Nicole Tuck and is blessed with a son, Asahd Tuck Khaled. So until he is separated with his partner, don’t believe about his girlfriend rumors that are going on. Yes, Khaled has a high net worth and can live the live he wants.

Khaled has also won the Hip Hop Award for Hustler of the year 2016. The snapchatter award of the year, MVP award of the year has marked him as one of the best DJ in the world. He started gaining popularity by the end of 2007.

DJ Khaled's Cars and house

DJ Khaled seems to be interested in luxury cars. Not only Cars he also bought a Tour Bus in 2011 and showed the interior of the bus in the video. He is introducing everything that’s inside on the bus including the leather seats, doors, freeze and much more. Look at the video to know more.

The world’s one of the expensive car Rolls Royce Phantom which was even featured in one of his songs is his property. The car is also seen in the background of the tour bus he bought in 2011.



Khaled was also spotted taking his vehicle from Miami International Airport. We can see he has labeled the back of the car with the logo of ‘We the best’. He often uses the word we the best in many of his music albums.

I just can’t stop dreaming of having a house like DJ Khaled's house. The decoration is just amazing and the bedrooms are awesome. He also has his Jim hall inside his house. He has everything, everything we need in today’s life.




You may be surprised to know that DJ Khaled's 4 months son is already an executive producer. His son is very much lucky. He deserves to be the producer as his father has struggled way much to be in that position.