How Much is Conan O'Brien's Net Worth? Know about his Salary, Career and Awards

Best known for hosting several late-night talks shows Conan Christopher O'Brien aka Conan O'Brien has is currently hosting his own show Conan on TBS. Not only a host, he used to serve as the president of The Harvard Lampoon while attending the Harvard University, and he was a writer for the Sketch comedy series Not Necessarily the News. 


The multi-talented Tv talk show host Conan O'Brien has an estimated net worth of $85 million. Stay with us for more information regarding Conan's net worth, Salary, earning, cars, and house.

Conan O'Brien Net worth and Salary

Conan is a quirky host for the late-night TV show Conan. His fresh show, successful, and clever production team has helped him to gain a massive fame and fortune. Conan's net worth in 2018 is estimated to be at $85 million and makes $12 million annually on TBS.

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As NBC pays all it's workers a decent amount, Jay Leno is making around $20 million annually from Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon is making $5 million per year form the Last Night. So, we can surely figure O'Brien should be making somewhere between that while at NBC.

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Conan O'Brien makes around $15 million in a year at TBS, not to mention the $45 million deal which he was offered to leave NBC. On another side, Letterman makes nearly $30 million in a year due to the length of service where as Jon Stewart is making over $25 million in a year.

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The end of Conan O'Brien chapter of "The Tonight Show" was officially hammered out on Thursday with a lot of money. 

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Mr. O'Brien settlement with NBC will pay him $32.5 million which essentially buyout of the remaining two and a half years of the guaranteed contract.

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Conan's last show will be Friday night, and NBC will reinstate that Jay Leno as the host of the "The Tonight Show" on March 1.

Conan O'Brien Cars collection

As for his cars, Conan has an extra-ordinary car collection, he reportedly spent $1.5 million by pasting mouse tail, whisker, and a tail and made Bugatti mouse.

CAPTION: The star attraction of this show was a Bugatti Veyron  SOURCE: Luxurylaunches

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Conan also owns an $87,350 Range Rover, $34,475 Mercedes Benz, $492,425 Rolls Royce and $43,740 Ford Taurus which is his one of the favorite car among all.

Conan O'Brien House

As for his house, Conan has bought a house for more than $10.5 million. The house features 20 living room. floor-to-ceiling windows include a 15,00 bottle wine room, a kitchen, 50-inch flat screen TV, and stone fireplace.

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CAPTION: Conan O'Brien on Friday paid $8,000 in back taxes  SOURCE: Daily Mail

He has also bought a mansion at $20 million in Los Angeles, California and very quietly he sold off in the market for around $15 million.

So, these figures we showed should directly satisfy your curiousity regarding Conan's net worth and for more keep returning to hitberry.