How much is Chandler Kinney's Net Worth? Find out her Career details

Chandler Kinney is an uprising teenager star mostly known for her appearance in the movie, Lethal Weapon. She has also worked in several blockbuster movies and television series as well.

Having started her career at an early age of nine, she must have added much to her net worth by now. Stay with us as we reveal how much is she worth.

Know About Chandler Kinney Career

Chandler Kinney's net worth is under review, but we present here with her approximate net worth. First thing first. What are her sources of income? Her sources include commercials, television series, and movies, with most of her income coming from movies and television series.

[ CAPTION: Chandler, Damon Wayans and Dante Brown in the series, L ][ SOURCE: seat42f ]

She earned her first paycheck or say salary by appearing in the commercial for GAP at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City.  She must have received a hefty amount considering she did not appear in just any average commercial but the largest US apparel retailer, GAP.

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[ CAPTION: Getting all sparkled and ready for Wolkmorais collection ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Her modeling career officially took off with her appearing in GAP. After this, she modeled for many big commercials like Jif Peanut Butter, KFC & State Farm Insurance alongside NBA star Chris Paul.

After she pursued her career in acting too and she did a great job as an actress. She made her movie debut with Battlefield America. The stunningly gorgeous actress can be seen in several other movies including Gortimer Gibbon's Life and Haunted Hathaways.

[ CAPTION: Chandler Kinney while shooting for Gortimer Gibbon's Li fe][ SOURCE: Twist Magazine ]

With more than eight years dedicated in the film industry, she has become a successful icon, diva, and a popular actress, garnering more than 30k Instagram followers.

Long before she started modeling and acting, she had always been a dancer.

Chandler Kinney Pooled $150k from the first season of Lethal Weapon Alone

Chandler Kinney is now playing in a new Fox TV series inspired by the film franchise of the same name, Lethal Weapon. The series is an action-packed comedy-drama produced by Chandler Kinney premiered on September 21, 2016. 

The series has become a huge hit given it has made $120 million at the box office, worldwide. So how much she earned from the series?

[ CAPTION: Chandler Kinney ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

In the series, she plays the role of Riana Murtaugh, a rebellious, sassy teenager with a good heart,  much like the real her except that she is not bold. She says, 

I'm actually pretty different from Riana in real life. She's more rebellious and bold. She doesn't always think about the consequences of her actions, and that can get her into trouble.

Chandler Kinney is one of the rare personalities with beauty and brain. Like she said, she is concerned about the consequences of her actions. 

[ CAPTION: Chandler Kinney with the Lethal Weapon cast members ][ SOURCE: GramUnion ]

As far as sources confirm, Kinney has earned a total of $150k from the first season alone. The last episode was aired on March 15, 2017, making a total of 18 episodes. However she appeared in 10 episodes out of 18. So that means she was paid 15k per episode.

The series has already started its second season from 26th of September and it is confirmed that Chandler Kinney will also be appering in it too. The good news for her, she will be paid $600 extra per episode in the second season according to agents. 

[ CAPTION: Second season of Lethal Weapon to start on 26th Septemb ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Wow that's a lot for a 17 year old girl. And what's more? She has already signed for seven remaining seasons. So her net worth are yet to add to up in the upcoming years. 

Wow that's a major increase in her paycheck.

Chandler Kinney Is Killing it Lately as An IT Girl

Apart from her acting career, Chandler is also equally killing it lately as an IT girl. She was labeled as the ultimate BELLOitGirl for the  month of December by the fashion brand.

[ CAPTION: Chandler Kinney as the BelloIT girl ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Not only this, she has also landed on the cover of the Justin magazine for the month of September issue. Earlier she had also appeared on Sesi magazine cover in February and featured for Hydrogen magazine too.

[ CAPTION: Chandler Kinney on the cover of Justine mag Cover ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The teenager with long legs has been doing a lot of interviews too.  Like a magazine, Seventeen interviewed her and included in their August issue. 

Although we do not know the exact amount, we are sure she is paid a good sum. Why else she would advertise the magazine telling people to get the magazine in her instagram?

[ CAPTION: Chandler Kinney on Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

And the cute little model must also have some ties with the tech giant, Microsoft. You ask why? Kinney received a surface 3 tablet from Microsoft on her 17th birthday.

[ CAPTION: Chandler received a microsoft surface 3 tablet ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

So with all the calculations and assumptions, Chandler Kinney's net worth must be more than 2 million dollars but she is earning more and more over the years. No doubt her net worth will increase in upcoming years.

Chandler Kinney is not only a model and actress but a philanthropist as well.  She has been sponsoring a child for two years now through an organization called, Compassion. To know more about her, make sure you stay tuned to Hitberry.