How much is Bonang Matheba net worth? Know about her career and awards

July 3, 2018
First Published On: March 22, 2017

Are you guys familiar with Bonang Matheba? Well, she is a South African businesswoman as well as radio and TV personality. In recent days, she has made her recognition as a host of the very popular South African music show Live which was telecasted on SABC 1.

She is currently hosting a radio show on SABC's Metro FM. with which she has also garnered a good fame across the country. Besides having a very good career in journalism, she has also earned a very handsome amount of money which makes a very good net worth of her.

Bonang Matheba Net Worth

The 29-year-old South African beauty Bonang Matheba is currently getting a very good amount of salary for her work which makes her net worth counted around 7 million Rand (South African Currency). She is living a very comfortable life with what she has earned through her work.

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She has also made her fame as Queen B all over the Africa and she is no doubt a very stunning celebrity having over 1 million followers on the social sites. So, due to her popularity all over the continent and the world, many of the multinational companies have signed a contract for the endorsements.

One of B's major endorsements is with a Brazilian sandal brand Ipanema. After her trip to Brazil, she was named as the new African spokesperson for Ipanema. Afterward, she said she was feeling incredibly honored to be a part of a brand that she loved the most.

In 2013, Bonang became the very first spokesperson outside of the USA for the international beauty products giant, Revlon. It is not confirmed, however, she is speculated to get a payment in 7 figures from the company which added a notable figure in her whopping net worth.

She is also getting a respectable amount of money through endorsements with other national and multinational brands like Peugeot, Legit Edison, BIC razors, Brutal Fruit, Diva Divine Hair, Revlon and so on.

Know About Bonang Matheba's Career

The South African beauty queen Bonang Matheba was very passionate in media working since her early age and luckily, she got her first break into television on SABC 2's kids' game series Manhattan;s Fantasy Challenge while she was just 15 by her age.

Famous South African TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba

Famous South African TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba

Source: Bonang Matheba

After the series, she put her focus on her study. After her high school she enrolled at the University of Johannesburg to study Marketing course, however, she dropped herself out from there in 2007. Soon after she auditioned as the host of the most popular music series LIVE.

B told she had to work very hard on convincing her parents that there is a very good career ahead of her and for that, it was not bad enough to leave her formal study. A few months later, she became the most sought after celebrity in South Africa whereby she gave herself the title "Host with the Most".

As a host, she has hosted a number of major music and television awards like Famous South African TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba, Channel O Music Awards, The South African Film and TV Awards and so many others. She truly established as a host of the major events and later she made her name as the master of ceremony.

In 2013, she was named as the new host for international franchise Clash of the Choirs where she held the fort for two seasons until she was replaced by up and coming to host Lawrence Maleka.

Bonang Matheba's Awards She Got During Her Career

It has been almost one and a half decade since Bonang has put her steps on the media career. During her long career she has faced various ups and downs, however, she always followed what she was passionate about.

Coming to the last four or five years of her career, she has managed to win a number of awards which glitters her career more and more. Her first award on her field was Glamour Awards which she won on the Woman of the Year Reader's Choice category in 2012.

Bonang Matheba acknowledging the Top Media Empowered Award

Bonang Matheba acknowledging the Top Media Empowered Award

Source: IOL

She won the title of the Favourite TV Host in 2013, similarly, she became the Most Stylish Media Personality in 2014.In the year 2015, she won a few number of awards which include Style Icon of the Year, Digital Influencer of the Year, and African Woman of the Year. Where in 2016, she was honored with the Top Media Empowered Award at the 15th annual Oliver Empowerment Awards in April 2016.

As a whole, she is a very widely known celebrity and she has managed her career very well through which she gained a good reputation as well as a good amount of money which is helping her to live a luxurious life as a celebrity.