How much is Bob McKenzie's Net Worth; and know his Career in short!

Have you ever heard most reliable voices in world sports television? If you have heard then you might be familiar with the character voice live wire on the mic, Bob O aka brother of Doug professionally known as Bob McKenzie. You might know about his professional career too but how many of you know about Bob McKenzie's net worth?

Bob McKenzie is a professional Canadian hockey commentator. He started his commentator career since 1986. He recently represents for NHL on TSN telecast, as well as in most of the international sports event like IIHF World U-20 Hockey Championship. He was Editor in chief of the hockey new at least for nine years. Since then, he became successful in winning millions of hearts.

Today, here, we will let you people know about Bob McKenzie net worth,  and about his Sports Career.let's Check it out.

Bob McKenzie's Net Worth

How much cash do you think a man can earn if he is a sports commentator. According to our research, McKenzie's estimated net worth is $10.5 million dollars per year and his monthly salary is around $500 thousand per month. That's a hell lot of money he has earned, don't you guys agree? And just so you know, most of his earning are from his voiceover and commentary.

Bob_McKenzie_at_Winter_Olympics Bob_McKenzie_at_Winter_Olympics    source:3.bp.blogspot

Bob McKenzie is the most noticeable person in the hockey world or any other sports world. He spends half of his life in the commentary. He served on NBC's hockey broadcasting and his yearly salary growing more and more in future there will be the lot to hear about McKenzie.

Know about Bob McKenzie's Sports Career

Bob McKenzie was born on August 16, 1956, in Toronto, Canada. He started his Career in 1986 joining the TSN "The sports Network " by becoming the best commentator around the world he has achieved a great success of his life by casting many sports news and commentary in his sports career.

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With more than half decades of his life by experiences covering hockey and sports news around the globe, Bob McKenzie has become the one of the blockbuster commentator and expertise to every corner of the sports world. Bob got over 1 million followers on Twitter and consistently ranks on Sports Illustrated’s Twitter Top 100.