How Much is Blair Boone's Net Worth? Know in Detail about his Salary, Career, and Awards

A professor with a uniquely incredible writing style, Blair Boone-Migura has a net worth you wouldn’t believe. Be ready to get shocked by the total earnings of Blair!


A talented person such as Blair comes only once in a blue moon. Alongside his open sexuality and marriage with Dr. Anthony Michael Migura, he also earns a huge deal of wealth from his occupation. Let’s zip our lips on unnecessary talks and start with the estimation of Blair Boone’s net worth. Also, we will discuss Blair’s achievements and honors.

Blair Boone’s Net Worth

As a person with so many professional skills, Blair has a total net worth of more than what any other Hollywood star earns. Is your mind wandering around the shades of grey? Fear not, as we bring you the naked truth about his earnings.

[ CAPTION: Blair Boone with husband Dr. Anthony Migura ][ SOURCE: NY Times ]

Breaking the ice, Blair Boone has a total net worth of over $13 million. Boone is a professor, writer, actor, and an art song specialist. With that much professional occupancy, one has to earn a huge amount of cash, doesn’t he?

[ CAPTION: Blair Boone-Migura ][ SOURCE: Manoa Hawaii  ]

The actor made the fortune from the private coaching of singers. He also works as a French Vocal Repertoire in the French Language Faculty. Also, he might have made the fortune through a guest lecturer at the University of Hawaii.

[ CAPTION: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy logo ][ SOURCE: Wikiwand ]

During the season of the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Blair was kicked out of his position by the producers. He had a contract till the end of the season so, he sued the company for the breach of contract. He had a salary of $3000 per episode. Hence, through the breach, he got paid for the rest of the 23 episodes of the first season.

Career and Achievements of Blair Boone

Now to talk about his honors and achievements, Blair has a couple of Master’s Degree in two different fields of studies. He is a post-graduate in French language, literature, and culture. Besides, he also has a master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy.

[ CAPTION: Blair Boone at the Rolex Arts Initiative ][ SOURCE: Art Song Preservation Society ]

Apart from the Educational Qualifications, Blair is also a promoter of classical art songs and poetry. To promote such poetic songs, he has established a non-profit organization, Art Song Preservation Society of New York. He was also honored with a chance to judge singers on the Mary Trueman Art Song Vocal Competition

Besides his works to preserve the art form, he has also worked in a TV show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Similarly, he has a guest appearance in Waterford Girl. In addition to such, Blair had the opportunity to interview Grammy-winning artists like Wyclef Jean and Fred Hersh. He was also awarded a chance to assist the legendary pianist Dalton Baldwin at the Bruno Walter Auditorium in May 2013.

Blair Boone-Migura is a man of extreme talent. With his tryouts to save the nearly extinct art songs, he has sure made his name as one of the top vocal specialists in the music industry.