How much is Author Virginia Vallejo's Net Worth? Find out her Lavish Lifestyle, Book Sales, and TV Shows

Frank FancherPublished on   18 Mar, 2018Updated on   18 Mar, 2018

Virginia Vallejo is one of the most talked Columbian authors who wrote a book where she explains what was it like to be to the world's most infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Virginia Vallejo after writing a memoir called Loving Pablo and Hating Escobar, went on to earn fame and fortune in the field of fiction and romance.


She is enjoying good media attention as a writer, and right now she even has a TV show based on her book. The Fiction tells how it's like being a lover to someone who was world's most decorated drug dealers of all time. So, let's get to know how rich is she now. And also find out her current engagement as well as her career as a journalist and writer.

Virginia Vallejo's Net Worth

After writing the iconic real-life story about her meeting with Pablo Escobar she suddenly jumped into the media limelight. She was a reporter for a Columbian news outlet and was one of the top level TV celebrity in 1983 when she met Pablo. On her course of the job, she met Pablo. The love story and book possibly deal with the same plot.

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CAPTION: Loving Pablo Hating Escobar all book covers SOURCE: Loving Pablo Hating Escobar all book covers

Her book is published in Spanish, German, English, and many other languages. She still earns a good royalty from her book sales and has written many small plots for many TV shows. Virginia is also a TV show host, and now her book has found a way into TV series, and she reportedly is on the writer's team for Loving Pablo.

So, her networth has seen new heights more recently as well. She reportedly holds an estimated net worth of $15 million and her combined monthly income is reportedly over $50 thousand.

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CAPTION: Virginia Vallejo flaunting in expensive jewels in her Facebook  SOURCE: Facebook

Her book is available with seven different colorful covers and is also out on Kindle. Graded 3.6 out of 5 stars by Goodreads her book still has a good amount of sales all over the world. Amazon is selling her book at a discounted rate of $16.95 per piece whereas in many online sites it ranges from $20 to $30 according to sites you are browsing. 

Let's take a look at the 2017's feature film Loving Pablo's trailer:

So, if you are interested in reading or seeing the love story between a Top Colombian television journalist, cover model, and socialite and the Head of the Medellin cartel, the founder of the global cocaine industry and one of the most ambitious - and brutal - criminals in history then you will love the book as well as the series. 

CAPTION: Virginia Vallejo's celebrity lifestyle after loving Pablo Hating Escobar SOURCE: Facebook

Vallejo's life with Pablo Escobar was first featured in 2012's TV series Escobar, el Patrón del Mal featuring Angie Cepeda playing Vallejo. In the 2015 Netflix series Narcos, Stephanie Sigman further played the character of Vallejo.

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The movie features famous Pyrates of The Carribean's star Penelope Cruz in the role of Vallejo, and the actress has reportedly done justice to her character, fitting perfectly into the shoes of Virginia Vallejo.

Currently, the writer and TV personality live in Florida. She is always seen flaunting in style, wearing gold neckless, bracelets and earrings which at flat would cost more than $5000.

Further, she prefers sandals to celeb toes and often wears shiny Miami Florida themed clothes. She is not seen wearing any ring hence we can't say if she has anyone special in her life, but we hope she reveals it soon enough. For more, stay tuned with hitberry.