How much is Ann Coulter's Net Worth? Know her Sources of Income and House

September 19, 2017
First Published On: April 23, 2017
by HitBerry

Ann Hart Coulter; an American political commentator, conservative social, lawyer, syndicated columnist, and writer. Here, we will be talking about Ann Coulter's net worth.

Also, check out her source of income, houses, books and more about his professional life.

How much is Ann Coulter's Net Worth?

Let's discuss Ann Coulter's career before discussing her net worth. She first served as a law clerk in Kansas City after her law school. She worked for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee after the Republican Party Took control of Congress in 1994.

In 2000, she went for Congress on the Libertarian Party ticket to serve as a spoiler. Her career ascended after the publication of twelve books as well as the weekly syndicated newspaper column. She is best known for her ability to present the views in a strong way.

Ann Coulter's net worth Ann Coulter   Source: wikimedia

Back to the topic, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth, Ann Coulter earned around $8.5 million in total. Even though Coulter revealed her net worth, her salary is still not made available. She is actively working in the field thus, there is no doubt that her net worth will increase in nearby future.

Ann Coulter's Sources of Income

Coulter appeared in three films. The first film is Feeding the Beast which is made for a television documentary on the "24-Hour News Revolution". The remaining two films are "FahrenHYPE 9/11" and "Is It True What They Say About Ann?”

As previously mentioned, Ann Coulter is the writer of numerous books like "Adios, America!", "In Trump We Trust", "Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism", "Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America", "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)" and more.

Ann Coulter Book Ann Coulter Book  Source:  amazon

Coulter is a political commentator and syndicated columnist. Moreover, she is also a lawyer and most appear on radio and television. You can also see her as a speaker at the private and public events. Acting and writing helped her to build up her huge net worth.

Ann Coulter's House

Ann Coulter is an owner of the huge luxurious house in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The very secretive Ann Coulter has never revealed any pictures of her house but we can still imagine that house might be full of antique and luxurious pieces. You can have a look at the map of her house…

Ann Coulter House Ann Coulter House  Source:  celebrityhousepictures

As per some sites like 6sqft, she bought the two-bedroom home at 12 East 87th Street for around $577,000. She also owns similar apartment nearby at 300 East 77th Street. She bought it in the year 2003 for $1.5million.

Ann Coulter is completely engaged with her career so she is definitely earning a huge amount.