How much does American Television Anchor Gigi Stone, earn? Find her net worth and salary

July 4, 2018
First published on:November 29, 2016
by HitBerry

Business Week: Money Talks host Gigi Stone is an American  Journalist, host for Bloomberg news network. The Journalist from Newyork city has a very sound professional career as well as personal life. The charming white diva in recent days has the six figure net worth of US$  5 million which is sourced from her ties with CBS, ABC, and Bloomberg news network.
The Host, reporter, and journalist who is currently 43 years old has a beautiful career with many news network like Bloomberg and ABC news, as reported by our sources the sexy journalist who is considered to be one of the hottest celebrity in news network receives US$ 60,000 per month from her regular show at Bloomberg and appearances in CBS and ABC news simultaneously.

Net Worth and Salary of Gigi Stone

As reported by Bloomberg the journalist has a five-year contract with the channel which commits to pay her about US $ 35,000 and her numerous ties with local network in New york as well as many other projects in different news network where she co-writes and produces her shows, adds up to make her monthly income more than US $ 60,000 per month, which is pretty huge.

Gigi Stones

As to find out if her net worth, we will take an account of all of her personal belongings including her Property and cars to give you all the actual figure of how much does she earn. As reported by an insider she has a net worth of around 5 million American Dollars but let's take a look at her day to day and belongings to find out if it is true.

The Anchor has a modern designed house built in the Suburban area around Newyork City. Her house consists of two bedrooms a big living room and a condo, wall of her house is painted white with beautiful sculpture and flower art on the background.

Her two babies, Wilton and Wave always are dressed as if they are going to a party which shows how much she spends on her babies. And even the dresses she wears are from fashion lines from good designers which probably wouldn't cost less.

She is usually seen enjoying vacations in suburban towns along with her parents and children which should cost her around two to three thousand dollars in vacation time. So, it looks normal for the journalist/correspondent and producer to earn around sixty thousand dollars per month and make a net worth of USD Five million dollars because the celebrity life does not always come cheap.

Educational background and Long career history

Stone graduated her high school from Trinity School New York City and She holds a master's degree from the prestigious  Columbia University of  Journalism. She was awarded John M. Patterson Prize for her documentary project which was named as best Television documentary in John M. Patterson Prize awards.



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She started her journalism career with WWAY TV-3, which is an ABC affiliate local network in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her show quickly reached to fame as she volunteered as a trained firefighter for her news series.
Then she started with numerous another network as a producer, correspondent anchor, and host for famous news networks like NBC, ABC, CBS and Bloomberg.



She appeared as an alternating host for MSNBC's famous show Early Today.  She was also a regular anchor for Moneywatch which broadcasted on CBS news network. She also starred the famous CBS This Morning and worked for the local CBS affiliates across the country.



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Her major achievement is considered to be Inspiring Women in Business on  Bloomberg TV where she co-produced and hosted the interview series which featured successful female business owners of the modern society. Her other big Bloomberg project includes Bloomberg Enterprise which gave an insight to the prospectives of CEOS from many fast growing company.

She is linked with ABC's Good Morning America, World News and Nightline as well. Other than these global news networks she has contributed to local news network in Newyork called WPIX-TV and NY1 News where she hosted nationally syndicated lifestyle and entertainment shows for the network. Her most famous local show fro Newyork was Women, Inspiration, and Enterprise which talked about inspirational self-dependent women in business and Hiring America which helped Ex-military veterans to find jobs.

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