How Much is Dirk Blocker's Net Worth in 2018?Know about his Earning, Career and Awards

May 9, 2018
First Published On: May 9, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

An American actor, Dirk Blocker is best known as the son of the actor Dan Blocker. He is the co-star on the Fox comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s quite a known fact that he is very good at acting, but do you know how much he makes from acting?


Staring a career at the age of 16 by appearing in the series Little House in the Prairie released in 1974, his career then began in the way that he never had to turn back. Want to know Dennis’s career including his net worth in detail? If your answer is “yes” then let’s dig in deep.

Dirk Blocker’s net worth and earning

This famous actor, Dirk has accumulated a lot of wealth form his acting career as his net worth as of 2018 is estimated to be at $3 million. Dirk's appeared in the comedy series- Brooklyn Nine-Nine back in 2013 got him more recognization and was reportedly paid around $2 million per episode.

CAPTION: Dirk Blocker SOURCE: Twitter

Talking about Dirk's father and TV personality Dan Blocker’s net worth, he had a net worth of $5 million while in 80's which in today's context should be around $25 million.

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CAPTION: Dirk Blocker with father Dan Blocker SOURCE: Pinterest

Dirk began his acting career by appearing in an episode of Marcus Welby ate the age of 16. Talking about his guest roles, he has appeared in many films like ER, The X-Files, Little House on the Practice, 90210, Walker, Texas Ranger, Night Court, Murder, Doogie Howser, M*A*S*H, Matlock, Quantum Leap, and Chips.

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Dirk Blocker’s lifetime career introduction- Bonanza

Dirk even played supporting role in the movie Bonanza: The Return, as per reporters the movie became a cult as Dan and Dirk both were featured in it. When Dirk was a child his father used to bring him to the set of “Bonanza” and seeing the series from behind the screens fascinated him to take TV/Movie acting as his career. Moreover, the set of “Bonanza” was the spot for the father and son to spend time together. As Dan was so busy those years, bringing Dirk on the set was only the way they could be together.

CAPTION: Dirk Blocker’s lifetime career introduction- Bonanza SOURCE: Bonanza Boomers

Bonanza set off fireworks at the box office as the opening six days of the movie set a gross of $28.4 million in 1988.

CAPTION: Bonanza poster SOURCE: JustWatch

Not that long after, Dirk began his career in earnest by appearing in many episodes as mentioned above. He even played as Detective Michael Hitchcock- The offbeat member of the precinct.

As per Dirk, his interest in acting started from an early age as he was regularly present on his dad's set. When he was a child, he used to seat beside director's chair and carefully observed all sorts of Wild West character in their making.

In an interview, Dirk said,

When I used to sit on a chair, I’d have my picture taken. The director of the show once saw me and he picked me up and set me in a bar amongst all those girls dancing and I was in the show.”

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Well, it is now all clear that Dirk, son of Dan Blocker has a pretty straightforward life. Following his father’s footsteps, he has made himself one of the best actors in the industry of Entertainment and we hope it continues.