How Much Is Adrian Lockett's Net Worth? Earnings And Sources Of Income In 2022

After acting in various films Adrian Lockett is able to make a good name in the film industry. Through his talent and hard work, African American actor got to work on various projects giving him 28 film credits.

So what is the net worth of The Oval actor? Is his net worth in millions? Scroll down to know the net worth and source of Income of Adrian Lockett:

What is the Net Worth of Adrian Lockett In 2022?

The African American actor has been in this industry since 2013 and has worked on various film projects including big movies like fast and furious 7 and Black Water.

Adrain CAPTION: Adrain Lockett thanking his cast and crew SOURCE: Instagram @adrainlockettofficial


In this long journey, Lockett was able to collect a good fortune making his net worth millions. As of 20222, Lockett has a total net worth of $12 million including his assets, wealth and other things. His hard work, talent and patience gave him a tasty fruit.

Details regarding Adrian Lockett's Income 

As mentioned above, Lockett is a millionaire. So let's see some of the income sources of High Hopes actor

The main source of Lockett's income is the acting career from which he was able to collect both fame and wealth, The 6 feet 1-inch actor started his acting career in 2013 with a small non-credited role soon. After the dedication and hard work, he put down his work. As result to that, he got to share the screens with many famous people such as Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Terrence Howard, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, etc.  In America, a median actor earns about $44 k in a year but seeing the fame of an Alp actor, his earnings are far more than that.

 Apart from the acting, he is a professional basketball player but not much is known about the games he had played on the court. Also, he was a brand ambassador of the famous sports brand Nike.

Lockett is also a producer and a director who has produced a couple of films. This gave a major boost to his net worth. Also, he has an Instagram account where he has more than 100k followers. On average, an influencer with 100k followers earns about $200  per post so we can assume he earns something around that.

How does Adrian Lockett' spends his money?

The emergency actor is a super-rich guy who has a net worth of millions. Lockett has a good sense of fashion and he spends most of his money on his dress. In every Ig post, he wears a different and iconic dress. His one dress set may cost around $5k-$15k.

Adrain CAPTION: Adrain Lockett posing for Instagram bio SOURCE: Instagram @adrainlockettofficial


Apart from the dress, he spends his money collecting different accessories. In his different Instagram posts, he is seen with a gold and white gold chain.

Also, he likes to purchase different apple products, recently he purchased the latest iPhone 13 pro which costs $1300 Before purchasing an iPhone 13 pro he used to have iPhone 8.

Short detail on Lockett's Career

Before acting in films he used to serve his country as a mechanic in the military attached to the infantry in a brigade support battalion. Lockett believed all the hard work he have done was the preparation for the route that he's on now.

After serving the country for some time, The Wolf Catcher actor took early retirement and pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Lockett's acting career started in 2013 with a minor film and he continued acting in supporting roles. His amazing acting pulled many directors to enroll him in their films.