How Levi Miller got his role as Peter Pan on "Pan."

April 15, 2016
First Published On: April 15, 2016

Levi Zane Miller, born September 30, 2002, is an Australian actor best known for his role as Peter Pan in the 2015 movie Pan. Prior to being an actor, Miller was already a sweetheart as a Ralph Lauren kids model.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Levi Miller had been into acting ever since he was a little kid. He began performing as a dancer in local Australian productions—his oldest sister, nine years his senior, had such a run--but quickly found himself too clumsy to keep performing. He had done a series of commercials before that included pitches for ice cream and rice.

When the casting for “Pan” was being held at London’s Wembley Arena, Miller was in the elementary school in his hometown, Brisbane. However when they heard about the casting Miller and his parents/mother Meg didn’t miss out on this glorious opportunity as Levi has had previous experiences before. When casting director Dixie Chassay and filmmaker Joe Wright had the tape, they knew they’d found their Peter Pan. In an interview with LA Times, Chassay said,

"There was something about him where we just said, 'That's it!”. It's very tricky. You need someone who has to be special but also that every child has to connect to. It has to be someone both ordinary and extraordinary. And Levi had that."

Levi Miller who was having an awesome time and was thoroughly impressed with the film especially the sets exclaimed,
"These stages could fit the Titanic with just the nose pointed out. When they built the ships, they put these things on called gimbals, then a guy moved them or a robot or a computer controlled it and moved the ships around. It was awesome." 

He paused before continuing,"It's hard to explain. It was Neverland, really. That's the best way to say it. It was magical."

The sweetheart of an actor, Miller admitted having a crush on his “Pan” co-star Rooney Mara. At the “Pan” premiere in London’s Leicester Square, Miller was duly rewarded by co-star Cara Delevigne with a kiss for his dapper style.

Besides the 2015 movie Pan, Miller has starred in movies like A Heartbeat Away, Akiva, and Great Adventures. In 2016, he’ll be seen as Charlie Bucktin in Jasper Jones and Luke in Safe Neighbourhood. For his new acting venture Red Dog: True Blue, Miller learned to ride a motorcycle. He has two sisters; Brittany and Tiarnee.

 At a young age of 13, Miller has quite a fanbase with a number of fanfictions dedicated to him with Living in the Spotlight, My Life Without You , Lost Girl being some of the popular ones. He may not be dating anyone or have a girlfriend in real life but he’s definitely doing that in the fanfictions.