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How is dating different for musician Jay McGuiness's? All about his peculiar dating life and girlfriends

September 7, 2015
First published on:September 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Being one of the hottest stars in the music business with a fan base mostly made up of women would make anyone a raging womanizer, or so one would think. But that is not always the case. At least, not with The Wanted star Jay McGuiness.

Jay McGuiness has remained mostly single throughout his time with the band, although for a brief while he had an on and off relationship with an unknown woman.  The affair wasn’t anything concrete and Jay mentioned it as being “very casual”.

When asked about his relationship goals he has answered by saying “Having a relationship at all is difficult, and travelling makes it harder”  he also told “I think if you’ve got the right girl it’s easy, and you have to work your hardest-now wouldn’t be a sensible time for me to try, because it’s too much stress”

Other rumors that have circulated with regard to the pop star was when the band’s makeup artist Zoe had a crush on Jay and it was rumored that Jay too felt the same about her. But evidently, Jay was furious upon hearing this and has dispelled all such rumors to being false.

Even after their claim to fame and their fan base being mainly centered upon young female adult. Jay has said he never met anyone whom he felt was the right person. Therefore, he has mainly concentrated on his songwriting skills and music composition talent.

Other than the aforementioned speculations Jay’s personnel life has been kept away from media and there isn’t much we know about him or his love life. The little that we know of him is that he is an avid animal lover and owns a pet Lizard whom he loves dearly. He was named PETA’s sexiest man in 2011. He is strictly vegetarian and very outspoken when it comes to animal consumption.

Jay’s journey to being a member of the band Wanted is an amazing story and has been told over and over again by the media all over the world. Jay discovered the band by Googling auditions and finding only two one for the circus and the other for the band. He was selected to be a part of the band from a massive audition across England and Ireland.

Jay is a trained dancer and unlike most, went to dancing school as a kid and not to an ordinary school. Jay has said when he was made a part of the band he had no expectations. But when their Hit single “Glad you came” went on to be multi-platinum, he began doing all he could to do even more for the band.

Jay’s age is 25 and shares his birthday with famous British actress Rose Byrne. Jay is an active social networker and is constantly posting feeds on social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If anyone is interested in knowing how Jay goes about his day, you can follow him on Twitter under the username @JayMcGuines . For those wanting to see photographs of his, they can follow him on Instagram under the username Jay McGuiness.


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