How has bisexual dating been for model Heather Marks? Find out all about her boyfriends and girlfriends!!

August 28, 2015
First Published On: August 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Heather Marks is a sensation in the fashion world. Known for her Exquisite Features and her Eyes, her most precious attribute to the fashion world, she went on to inspire a whole new trend in the industry, popularly called Doll or Elvin, and has been a front runner in the fashion industry for more than a decade now.

Unlike well- known models Heather has managed to keep her love life away from media. Reportedly she has never been seen accompanied by any one special at any functions so far. However, during the summer of 2006 she was rumored to have been dating renowned artist Brendan Brown. The rumored couple were seen leaving Nightclubs and restaurant’s together .They were also seen in Central park walking Otis,(Heather’s pet bulldog). However, the speculated couple eventually broke all ties between themselves in early spring of 2008 .Ever since, there has been no one who has linked his name to Marks.

Apart from men, Marks is also interested in women. She was allegedly seen with her rumored girlfriend, an unknown female with whom she was seen shopping in Paris and London. The unidentified girl was also seen with Heather on vacation in Ibiza, Spain. Sources claim that this unidentified female was Heather’s girlfriend and may have been the reason behind her split with Brendan. Marks, however, has never confirmed any of it on press.

Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is a dream for most models. But Heather go the opportunity to be one at the age of 18, which is the highlight of her career. She modeled for Victoria’s Secret from 2004-2009. She modeled alongside super models like Gisele Bundchen. Their generation was supposedly called the golden generation of the fashion industry.

Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Anna Sui, Burberry, Chanel, Versace, she has so endorsed all these major brands in the fashion Industry. She has graced the covers of magazines and catalogues for top of the business publishing houses. In fact, there isn’t much left for her to achieve as she has managed to do just about everything at an early age of 26. Heather has walked over 300 shows so far in her career.

Heather started modeling at age twelve and by fifteen she was already walking down catwalks in Milan, Paris and New York. Heather is from Canada. However she has taken abode in New York In the famous Greenwich Village. Living away from home, she still manages to spend a month every year back at Canada in British Columbia, where she owns a cabin.

As a young adult she was a tomboy and did not have any boyfriends. She rather spend her time Snowboarding and playing soccer. Heather’s talent in snowboarding has given her a chance to compete professionally in minor levels. Heather is a dog lover and is active with pet’s protection agencies and animal cruelty activism. She has an English bulldog named Otis, whom she loves dearly.

Marks has been known to be seen with well-known fashion designers like Alexander Wang and Armani. She has mentioned that she feels young to commit herself to any serious relationships. So ,she spends most of her free time with her siblings, Stephen and Tracy, indulging in adventure sports.

Heather's parents have kept themselves away from public since the beginning of Heather‘s career. But we do know that they still live in Calgary in Canada. Heather is an atheist and considers her religion to be Art. After opening up about being Bi-sexual and she is seen volunteering regularly for LGBT rights.

Heather’s net worth hasn’t been made public due to contract restrictions. Nevertheless, she is rumored to be on the millionaire list of models. Heather is active an active social networker on Twitter and Instagram. Her username  in her Instagram account is heatherdmarks. Heather is, at present, on a hiatus from modeling.